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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Have you ever noticed...I mean really taken a good look see at the folks sitting around you at church?   Not just your best church buddies that always sit nearby, but the others, who are a few rows in front of you or off to one side.  It can be utterly amazing to study the variety of people in one room.

There is Loud Lola, who seems to be auditioning for a place on the worship team.  She would be the one sitting either directly in front of me, or close behind.  I wondered if the ushers would ask her to please sing quieter, as she was quite a distraction, but they didn't.  At least not then.  She was only there a few times and I never have seen her again.

Another favorite is the snugly couple who frequently sits in front of us.  Apparently they don't have a chance to chat before church, so they catch up on the day's events after they sit down, heads together, whispering throughout the teaching.

The arm raisers are a study all by themselves.  Some don't raise their arms, just their hands.  Others cautiously lift their hands above their heads with their palms facing away.  Then, there are those who feel full of the Spirit and wave arms while dancing in place.  It's all good, but it fascinates me with the variety of the gestures.  Me?  I am of the one arm raised straight up group. 

Ours is a casual church, but sometimes the younger crowd gets a little bit more casual than common sense would dictate.  There will be jeans, shorts, and in between, pony tails, Mohawks, and shaved heads, and sunglasses on top of the heads, ball caps and such.  No one complains...this church originated in the 60's and welcomed surfers right off the beach, so clothing does not determine one's faith or lack thereof.  Young and old, casual and dressed up all fit together beautifully here.

From my regular seat...oh, yes, HB (HoneyBunny) and I are "those" folks who think we have to sit in the same place each time...I can see so many types of people and I marvel at how we all come together for the same purpose - to worship the same God - no matter our background, age, or what we look like.  Isn't life wonderful?

What do you notice about those who sit nearby?  Do you have any favorites?

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1 comment:

  1. LOL- Oh- I am always fascinated by those around me in church...from the warm and fuzzy to the frozen chosen. It's all good though, isn't it? All there for the same purpose to worship a loving God that doesn't care what we wear or who we are....Amen- xo Diana


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