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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Green Thumb Black Thumb

Arizona Springtime is here.  We are having days in the upper 70s and lower 80s and I am feeling that annual urge to plant things.  Oh, it has nothing to do with my ability as a gardener.  Nope...that would be a totally wrong assumption.  There was a time when my plants loved me and I played music for them and they prospered under my care.  There was even a time eons ago when I helped in the family garden growing up.   I weeded, harvested, cooked, baked and all was as it should be.

I'm not sure what happened or where I made a wrong turn, but nowadays I am pretty much a failure at growing things.  Flowers wilt and dry up.  Plants commit suicide.  Trees die.  Everything looks so nice when it is newly planted and I water it faithfully.  Then life interferes (that's my story anyway) and the downhill slide begins. 

Not being one to give up, this year I plan to give it all another try.  I want HB (HoneyBunny) to build me a pallet raised garden using the model above.  I will need to figure out how to raise it enough to keep my back happy and the dogs out, but  am sure it can be done.

Source: via Pat on Pinterest

Perhaps I will try this one, with storage and benches for resting my weary bones as I toil in the soil.  I am thinking lettuce, onions, carrots, and beans might be good to try.  Tomatoes, too, since we both love them.  Our compost bin is not ready for prime time yet, so we will buy compost and mulch and good potting soil for growing.  Also, high on my list of "needs" is a water faucet out back so we don't need to traipse back and forth to the front of the house to turn the hose on and off. 

Source: via Pat on Pinterest

Now, here is the ideal height for me, and easy to make.  I may see if HB likes this one better than the others.  Ahhh...the dreams I have.  How is it that I love to work in the yard, but my plantings survive quite by accident.  I'd absolutely love to have a cottage garden full of colorful flowers and shrubs.  Sigh...maybe one day, yes?

How does your garden grow?

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  1. Very nice! I wish I had the gift but I don't and I hate messing in a garden with critters (spiders, those lil wormy things). I would love to have a flower bed as long as my hubs would tend to it. I just wanna smell and look at em ;)

  2. I love the raised beds and would like some myself. I still have pretty good luck with plants but then I am not dealing with the heat you have there- xo Diana

  3. Oh Pat, this is a wonderful idea. Let me know how it works out. I had thought about something like this for Bob but it will have to be later. I am giving him his shots. I had never given anyone a shot in my life but I learned.
    We got a surprise today. Our daughter in Illinois will be here Saturday to spend Easter with us.
    He Is Risen!

  4. Pat, I am praying that you are OK. Love to you and Walt. Have a blessed week, Ginger


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