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Monday, January 14, 2013

Women & Safety

The news these days is full of this and that regarding safety...especially regarding guns.   It got me thinking about taking a refresher course on handgun use.  Our local shooting range has classes by women for women, which really appeals to me.  I am considering signing up for the women's self-defense course.

But, that's just me.  You may not like guns or want to use one...ever. 

May I suggest that this discussion on assault weapons that we are bombarded with daily might have other implications.  A friend who owns a gun shop recently posted a photo on facebook of assault weapons.  Being a guy with a sense of humor, it included hammers, scissors, a baseball bat, a rock, etc.  You get the picture.  It started me thinking, which can be dangerous in itself!

I started to look at household items differently...

Have you thought of all of the "assault weapons" that are within an arm's reach in our homes?  Our vacuums could scoop up two-legged pests, or at least injure them.  A spray bottle could blind someone or at least make them blink, depending on what the contents are.  Scissors could do harm if necessary, hair spray explodes...and on and on.  Sounds vicious you say? 

Consider what is happening every day in this crazy world we live in!  We read about home invasions, purse snatching, burglaries, and robberies in parking lots.  Can you defend yourself?  I am guessing most of us would have trouble deterring an intruder in our homes.  It's scary to think of someone breaking into our homes, but it happens and even the elderly have fended off their attackers with sheer courage and a weapon at hand.

Years ago I learned to use guns when my Dad took my brother and I target shooting on weekends.  But I haven't practiced for years.  Would I be able to defend myself in a life-threatening situation?  After the birth of my third child I took a self-defense judo class, but I am pretty sure I have forgotten most of what I learned.  I need to regain the confidence that a self-defense course can provide. 

It doesn't matter what type of self-defense we learn ladies, but it does matter if we never learn any.  We are considered the weaker sex and easy targets, especially as we get older.  Being self-confident and knowledgeable about how not to be a victim could save our lives one day.  I believe every woman, even our daughters and granddaughters should take some sort of course and learn to protect themselves (and their families!).

I hope you realize I am not some crazed mad woman just itching to do someone harm.  I am a friend who worries that we will face a situation at sometime in our lives, if we haven't already, and I want us to be able to defend ourselves.  I am an advocate of women's safety!  I hope this will cause you to think about this subject and to take action.  Take a class, dust off that vacuum, learn to kick box, or just tell a friend. 
Stay safe!

What self-defense plans do you have?

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ Pinterest Fun

Even in Arizona it gets cold.  I am sitting here freezing while I try to write this ~ yes, I am a wimp when it comes to cold!  So, my Wordless Wednesday is all about where I'd rather be right about now!  Thank you Pinterest! (Psst...come follow me there)

  La Jolla, CA

Source: via Pat on Pinterest



Ahhh...warm sun, sandy beaches, gentle waves...I can almost feel myself there.  Can you?

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year from Grace


This post was created one night (er...uh...early morning) when I had one of those sleepless moments where my brain just would not wind down.  After seeing this graphic, I decided it said what I wanted to say much better.  So here it wishes for you!

I would just add hope for joy in your hearts and peace in your lives, no matter what is going on in our crazy world.  Another wish would be for good health for you and for me.  Many of you are aware that for the last six months I have had some health issues that have gone unresolved, forcing me to bring my activities to a near standstill.  Today I can tell you that the medicine the heart doctor prescribed three weeks ago is making a difference.  I have some of my energy back and am able to handle my daily chores without running out of steam.  I am still fatigued and short of breath at times, but I feel we may be on the right track with my care.  We shall see what the new year brings, but I am hopeful I will have an answer and my "mojo" back in the coming months.  I pray you will find your health issues improving as well.


In my mind, it is the small things that matter most...a hug from a child or grandchild, an "I love You" from a spouse, a giggle shared between friends, recognizing there are angels among us, and so much more.  Those are the moments that make the heart swell, the emotions rush to the surface and often spill over - the ones we want to capture forever.  May 2013 be the year of the small things in our lives.


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