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Monday, December 17, 2012

15 Tip To Get Organized For Christmas


Holiday time is a good time for lists.  Creating them keeps us on track for projects, and at this time of year, for getting ready for Christmas or your favorite holiday.  I usually have a mental list, but I do much better when I write things down. 

Today, I thought I'd share my list with you and maybe give you a tip or two you might not have thought of:

1.     Make a list of everyone you need to buy gifts for, including their sizes, things they would like and how much you can spend.

2.     Make a list of everyone you want to send Christmas cards to - write the cards or at least address the envelopes. Keep a few cards with you to write during "waiting minutes" when you're at the doctor, picking the kids up from school or on a work break.

3.     Finish sewing, knitting, crocheting, and/or craft projects now – don’t wait until the last minute.

4.     Decide what cookies and candies you want to make. Set aside the recipes now.

5.     Mix up the dough several weeks ahead and freeze. That way all you have to do later is bake them.

6.     For cookies that you can't freeze, measure all the dry ingredients and put them in a plastic bag. You can even do this three months ahead. Be sure to label the bag so you remember what is in it!

7.     Decide what you are going to serve for holiday dinners. Set aside the recipes.

8.     Several months ahead of time, put a bag or container in the freezer and put in any unused slices of dry bread to use for your turkey dressing.

9.     Deep clean the house.

10.  Organize your gift wrap, make sure you have enough paper, ribbon, bows, tape,  etc for the gifts you will be wrapping.

11.  Get out the tree and ornaments and decorate the house (outside, too, if you do that).

12.  Mail Christmas cards

13.  Listen to Christmas music – it will get you in the mood for all things holiday.

14.  Bake cookies to be used for gifts and mailings, and get them delivered or on their way.

15.  Make time to enjoy the season – window shop, take a drive to see the lighted houses, go caroling.

Your list may be different from mine, but the point is, a list can be helpful during this busy, stress-filled time of the year.  Happy to-doing and a have the best holidays ever! created by made it for you

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our Christmas Letter


Woof! Woof!

Let us introduce our furselves…

I am Jacob.  I am 9 and the prettiest one! 
 I am Moses, the old guy at 13 & the handsomest dude! 
We adopted our new people, Pat & Walt in January after our owner got very sick and couldn’t care for us any longer.  They are now well-trained in the treat department and are very good to us.  So, we are surprising them by paw-writing this letter to you. 

It’s a good thing we were around to care for these two helpless humans!  In February, Walt developed swallowing problems.  After several procedures, and even a feeding tube for 6 weeks, his weak esophagus is under control and as long as he eats slowly and carefully he doesn’t have any problems.  We were by his feet every minute of the way, making sure he ate on time, took his meds, got enough rest and petted us from time to time. 

Once Walt was on the mend, Pat developed health issues.  For the last 6 months she has been short of breath, fatigued and a few other things.  All the tests and various doctors have yet to find the problem(s).  We can tell when she is having a bad day and we make sure to stay close to her just in case she needs to pet someone.  We heard her say she has more doctor appointments coming up. We are hoping she gets her energy back so we can play with her in the backyard again!

Pat’s been blogging for more than a year now and finds it is a good creative outlet for her.  Her Grow Old With Grace blog has quite a few followers and new-found friends reading it daily.  She uses Grace to tell stories, give advice and humor to help with the aging process.  The Green Living Thrifty Frog blog is about her journey to “go green” around here.  So far this hasn’t affected us much, but they are composting, recycling, and making homemade laundry soap, dish soap & dog shampoo.  We were the test dogs for the shampoo.  It works great!  The newest blog is Pat’s Travel Talk blog.   Pat has also written articles for Exploration Travel Magazine, an online magazine.  This was a new and exciting adventure for her!  We hope she can get back to it when her health gets better.

Wishing everyone a Merry Woof-mas and a Happy New Year filled with fun, family, friends, peace and joy!  God has been good to all of us at the Mallett household and our Blessings are many.  We count you among them.

Jacob, Moses, Pat & Walt 

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

How To Make Your Own Gift Boxes

This post was originally posted 12/5/2011.  I wondered if it might be helpful as we are in the midst of our Christmas season...enjoy!

It's a new week and time for another of Maggee's creative ideas!  This time she is going to let us know how to make our own gift boxes.  Who couldn't use a frugal, thrifty idea like this, and the kiddos just might have fun with this, too!  Have fun!
Did you try one?  The bonus to this craft is that we get to empty the box first, so let's find a yummy cereal to munch on!  Let us know what you think!
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Herb & Spice Poster ~ Gift Idea

 Here is a great gift idea for your foodie friends!  It was created by my Sister, Maggee and can be found in her Etsy shop - Maggees Farm.  These posters (see more detail when you visit Etsy) are so helpful in deciding which herb or spice to use with what...especially for a klutz like me!  She has drawn pictures so we know what we are reading about, and she explains which goes with what, making it easy peasy to choose that special flavor that your family will be raving about! 

Please visit her Etsy shop ~ you might just find this is the perfect gift for that helpful friend, your BFF, or anyone who enjoys creating savory dishes!  Thanks!

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

We All Need A Blog Buddy

Lately I have been in a slump...a Grand Canyon size one.  As some of you know, I have been having health issues with no solution so far and it has taken most of my energy from me.  Whenever I feel like I should be writing, I find I can't sit at the computer long enough to accomplish any more than reading a few emails and checking facebook to see what my kids and grandkids are up to.  I bet some of you have had a similar experience, right?

Well...I have found that having a Blog Buddy is not only a huge help, but also a Godsend.  Having someone to confide actually admit I don't feel like writing, or have lost my creative edge even for a short time is just what I needed to get back in blogging mode - more than once in the last six months!  Thank you, Ginger!  Friends are sympathetic, but unless they are writers, they just may not "get" the lousy feeling we get when we want to write or feel like we "should" write, but we can't or don't have the oomph to get it done!

Why, I was even on the verge of saying "Bah Humbug" to putting up a Christmas tree and decorating the house.  Yep!  I was having a regular ol' pity party right here in the comfort of my own home.  That's when I was rescued by my friends - and my Blog Buddy Ginger.  Little do they know how much they helped in snapping me out of my blue funk!   Oh, it likes to rear it's ugly little head now and then, but I can squash it now.  Like today when my daughter called.  Bless her, she was just checking up on me and here I was, sounding forevermore like Eeyore!  She must have been so happy to get off the phone and away from my doldrums!  I feel awful for sounding so glum on the phone!  Ugh!  I squashed that Eeyore syndrome and made a concerted effort to present a happier me...I hope it worked!  A note from Ginger caused a burst of laughter and I realized there was joy hidden inside of me and I needed to let it out!  (smile)

So, all of this is to say, thanks to my family,  friends and my Blog Buddy, Ginger for being my angels!  Yes, you are Godsends and you mean everything to me!  And, to let you know that I plan to / will make an effort to / want to get back to my blogging, even if it is sporadic, short, silly or whatever pops out of my little head.  But, I miss all of you so much, I just hate to be missing in action! 
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