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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympics ~ My Down Time

Lately I have been feeling pretty exhausted and short of breath.  My doctors have been testing lungs and heart to see if they can determine what the problem is.  In the meantime, watching the Olympics on TV is how I am spending my down time.

I was very impressed with the South Korean archer who is legally blind, but can see the colors of the target.  He says he prefers to compete without his glasses and just concentrates on the colors.  His aim is awesome!

Gymnastics is always a favorite of mine, along with water sports.  I love to watch the men and the women.  There is such competition in these games, it is always exciting.

I am really looking forward to the track and field competition next week.  If I can find the energy to yell and holler, you may just hear me when the runners are on the field.  They just amaze me. 

It is all so fun to watch from home.  I watch the parents wiggle, squirm and shout and try to imagine what it must feel like to have a world class athelete.  I know I was a wreck whent my kids were in sports and watching them made me so nervous.  I guess that's our job as parents, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

What is your favorite summer olympic sport?

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  1. my husband has been having it on in the background a lot while i blog. i used to enjoy the gymnastics. these days i'm always so impressed by the tandem diving. such precision!

  2. Sorry to hear you have been under the weather. Stay cool and keep on arm chair coaching the athletes! ~ Maureen

  3. Sorry you are not feeling well. Hope they get it figured out very soon. Love the Olympics! Everyone is so awesome. I love all the activities in the pool! Love the excitment.

  4. Hi Pat, Gee, I am so sorry that you haven't been feeling all that well. I hope they can get it figured out so you start feeling well again.

    I really like the gymnatics! xo Diana

  5. Praying for you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Take care sweet friend. Relax enjoy the Olympics. I am praying for you.
    Prayerfully, Ginger


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