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Monday, June 18, 2012

Where's That Ice Cream Truck When I Need It?

Remember when...loud, garish music or bells  signalled the arrival of the Ice Cream Truck on your street?  All of the neighborhood kids stopped what they were doing and ran for Mom.  They only needed a few cents way back when, to buy a cone or a Popsicle. 

Did you know the first ice cream trucks were horse-drawn wagons around the turn of the century?  Blocks of ice kept the treats cool.  This was quite the novelty since homes didn't have freezers back then.  Then, during the depression, Harry Burt started his Good Humor business, with several trucks selling his chocolate-dipped bars and outfitted with simple freezers.

Some of the trucks were decorated every which way...usually with "in-your-face" colors and wild designs.  They were meant to be noticed.  Back in the day, we didn't have to worry so much about who was driving the trucks.  Mostly folks were friendly and good to the children.  I'd like to think that those entrepreneurs actually enjoyed the kids and selling them those cool treats.  Later, we as parents need to be wary of the creeps who used this as a way to get too close to our children.

It was difficult for parents to say "No," when that truck came slowly cruising down the lane.  The kiddos had an ear for it, and always wanted to spend their change.  Today, I even get excited when I see the Schwan's truck turn into our culdesac!  Tsk...some of us never grow up.  I guess we will always remember that little musical truck and the goodies it served up!

Gasp!  This truck must be from Arizona!  It's hot the 100s now.  Today I thought I would melt!  Hmmm...I wonder if they needed any help with clean up?

I liked green/lime Popsicles.  What was your favorite frozen treat?

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  1. We have an ice cream truck that comes through my work complex every day. Playing "The Entertainer" every single flippin' day. Every day for 4 long years. Not a fan....can you tell? LOL

  2. WAY back when I was little, the craze was for snow cones!

    1. Pandy...way back?? LOL! I am "way back" you are just a youngster! Actually I don't think we had an ice cream truck in our neighborhood till my kids were little.
      Hugs, GraceinAZ (Pat)

  3. Loving those ice cream trucks! We don't have anything quite as fancy as that, but when the truck does come around it's usually quite cold anyway! Not that I can eat proper ice cream... I have to have dairy-free.

    1. Nikki-ann - Thanks for stopping by. It's a hot day here and I find myself wishing I'd hear that truck coming up my street right about now! I'm sorry you can't enjoy "real" ice cream, but may be a popsicle?
      Hugs, GraceinAZ

  4. My neighborhood homies and I would sit out in the sun on a summer day waiting for the Merrymobile to come clanging down the street. Orange popsicles. Yum. I can taste them now.

  5. We have more or less the same over here. however, instead of a truck, the ice-cream man came using a motorbike . kids love it.

  6. My mother used to make ice cream, but she poured her milk mixture into trays and froze them so it was more like an ice. It was so good and I wish I had her recipe. And I loved snow cones!


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