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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Satellite Radio ~ Are You Sirius?

Our new car came equipped with satellite radio...a free three month subscription.  Now I am getting emails asking me to subscribe.  Our first thought was, well, that's nice...we feel special.  Then, we decided maybe we really didn't need it.  After all, in our small town, a few stations is enough, right?  Maybe not.  Once we figured out how to find the stations and play around with it a little, we found out it is really kind of nice to have 130 choices to choose from.  Pfffftttt!

Then, we look at the different payment plans and we wonder if we have rocks in our heads.  It is pretty expensive when you look at the yearly cost.  Now we need to decide if the money spent would justify the pleasure we would derive from it.

Perhaps if we spent more time in the car - like dining in (the car), sleeping in (the car) or chillin' in (the car) we could tell ourselves it was worth it.  But, we don't.  In fact we don't  spend a lot of time listening to the car radio unless we travel out-of-town. 

Of course, it is all part of a grand scheme...give us three months to get used to it, and we would never want to let it go, right?  That might work and that has me slightly concerned.  Only slightly though, cause I may not be able to give up Jimmy Buffet, 60's on 6, and the Elvis stations!  There!  You see?  We are hooked already.  Sigh...

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  1. Listen- If you DO subscribe don't do it until the very last minute. They will offer you a one year deal that is less than half what they usually charge. I love it, too. xo Diana

    1. Diana - Thanks for that tidbit - I will do that!
      Hugs, GraceinAZ

  2. The Candyman cometh. Satellite radio is nice for when you're on long trips and you're lost on the FM dial. But for 2-3 years' worth of subscription you can LOAD your iPod with your favourite things - since a USB port is also part of the supersized options package on most cars now.

    1. Ahhh, you have an excellent point! We do have a USB port and an ipod! Something to consider.
      Thanks for chiming in@
      Hugs, GraceinAZ

  3. Pat, I love CelloMom's idea. I don't have an Ipod but I load up the five disc cd player put it on random. I am good for hours.
    Love to you and Walt, Ginger


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