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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Arizona ~ Still the Wild West?

near Elgin, AZ

On our drive home from a doctor appointment in Nogales, we took a little detour or two to snap some photos. (See what we found hiding in plain sight here.) This unexpected find was on the road to Elgin.  There are some outbuildings and a house on the property, but, well...let's just say the place didn't look very tidy.  I cropped out the miscellaneous stuff and this was left.  It looks like it may have been used as part of an old movie set, but who knows?

These rolling grasslands between Nogales and Elgin are where part of the movie "Oklahoma" was filmed.   You can see homes in the background, but in the 1950s there were probably only a few ranches along here.  They filmed during our Monsoon season, so everything was green.  Give this another month and it will be, too.

Train station used in filming of Oklahoma

The train station that was the scene of the song "Kansas City" during the filming of the movie was in Elgin,  I found this photo online.  This is now a well-known wine region of Arizona.  Maybe next trip we will venture a tad further and find this old station that was part of the Benson-to-Nogales railway way back when.

Every area has a history.  Ours is steeped in Spanish, Mexican, Apache, soldiers and settlers moving in and through our corner of the state.    Have you explored the history of your part of the country?

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  1. I just love that area! The train station in Benson looks a lot like the one in the picture.

  2. Amazing photos, Grace! That is quite an old building and it does look like it was part of an old movie set- xo Diana

  3. Oh wow! The photos are beautiful! Makes me feel as though I was there! Thanks for sharing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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