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Friday, June 29, 2012

New Flooring At Long Last

It's remodel time again around these parts!  This time we are having new tile installed on the floor in the family room/dining area, the entryway, hallway and both bathrooms.  The first section to get a facelift is the family room/dining area.  We have wanted to do this for twelve years! 

Here are some before pics of that room, the entry and the hallway.

Ta-ta to the worn carpeting!

Say Goodbye to the ugly 70's era tile!

Sayonara to the sad carpet in the hall!

Day One - the old tile and carpet were removed!  Yippee Skippee...nothing could make me happier right now!  Here are some work-in-progress shots...

Bruce hard at work!

Kenda clearing the debris.  (They found old vinyl tile under the carpet!)

Four-legged Inspector makes an appearance.

Follow-up Inspector!

Day Two - The tile is going down, two solatubes for the family room area, new shower fixtures for master bath, new lighting in bonus room...and, did I mention the new tile is being installed!  So much activity!  I am giddy!

Junior lining up the tile.

Kenda moving the dining area lighting.

Bruce measuring for the solatube (skylight).

Jacob & Moses hiding under my desk & behind my chair!

I expect it will take most of next week to finish it all, with the holiday coming up.  I'll post more in the days to come.  Just know we are tickled pink to be finally having this work done.  We can put up with the inconvenience and dust once again, knowing it will all look terrific soon!

Do you have a summer remodel project?

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Arizona Highway 82

Sights along Highway 82, through the grasslands near Elgin, Arizona...

Cattle at water hole

Yucca in bloom

Lonesome rock chimney

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nourish Your Body As You Age

Probably you have noticed that as we mature, our bodies go through a lot of changes.  For the first half of our life these changes may go on unnoticed.  But, before we know it, some of those changes are glaringly apparent - to everyone, but especially to us.  Our nutritional needs change over time.  Eating junk food (my favorite) has nasty effects on the body and can even cause us to feel bad.  The body is trying to tell us it wants healthy food.  It can be very demanding and sometimes unforgiving if you don't listen and don't feed it properly.

Many older folks are undernourished and they don't even know it. Their bodies are no longer young enough to deal with it.  Being undernourished can have serious implications on bodies and  minds.  Both require quality nutrition.  Eating those lower costing, quick-to-fix microwave or frozen meals are much easier for older people to prepare, but these fall low on the list of healthy types of foods.

While veggies may not be your favorite thing to eat,  they do make great snacks as well as side dishes for main meals.   Eat them raw or steamed for best nutrition.

Our metabolism slows as we get older.   You may think this doesn't start until  we get past the age of 60 or 70, but for many people it can start in the late 30s and early 40s.  Many of us would say that these decades aren't what we would call old by any means, but the body is going through a lot of changes during these years.  Our health can suffer as that happens.   If you've never been a health nut before, now is a great time to start.

The earlier you begin a healthy diet and exercise program the easier it will be to hold off many ailments that are common in older adults.  (Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc.)

Here are some things to remember - and to start implementing  into your daily lifestyle during your middle years.

* Drink plenty of water.  Water is essential and should be at the top of your list.  Every organ in our body needs lots of water in order to function properly.  This is especially true for the brain.  Keep your mind sharp and in good health - give it plenty of water along with extra nutrition.

* Increase your fiber intake.  Fiber is a key ingredient for maintaining optimum health.  Studies have shown it has many health benefits. You can get fiber from most fruits and vegetables (another reason to take that daily five)  or you can take supplements.

* Eat a variety of foods.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are your best choices.   Here's where fruits and vegetables come in handy - they are great because you can eat a lot of them without consuming too many calories.

* Leave the salt shaker in the cupboard.  Most foods already contain plenty of sodium for your body.  We don't need to add extra.   Add herbs and spices to give it more zest and flavor.
Take good care of yourself ~ your body will thank you!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Vacation or New Tile Floor

Many of you are heading out for your annual Summer vacation, full of expectation, ready to relax and enjoy the beach or the lake, or a hike in the woods - maybe a visit to a museum or an adventure park.  That's what summer memories are made of.  We remember long ago when we would head back to school in the fall and one of our first assignments was to write about our what we did during the summer.

I'll enjoy summer travels (yours) by reading your blogs and pretending I am right there with you, dipping my toes in a pool, resting in a hammock, having a picnic with Aunt Myrtle.  Our plans don't allow for a long trip this year.  Instead, work begins this week on laying the rest of the tile flooring in our house.  Messy, dusty, hot...the hottest days so far are forecast for the end of this week...and half of our house off limits for a couple of days.  Ugh.

Old tile will be jack-hammered out and old carpet will be ripped up.  Yippee!  Then, the beautiful new tile (see how it looks in our kitchen here) goes down and -voila- a floor we can love!  I'll keep you posted, but this won't be quite as exciting as our kitchen redo was!  LOL!  (For you, anyway.)

Have a super week...stay cool...enjoy your vacation or whatever you have planned!  And...have a safe 4th of July (US).

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Slow News Day, So To Speak

You've heard the term "a slow news day" ~ used usually when the paper has what I call worthless articles just taking up space because nothing sensational or earth-shattering happened lately.  Well, this is one of those posts...

My mind just happens to be full of cobwebs and information from the six books I have been trying to read in the last weeks!  I can't think and I am admitting it to all of you!

While wandering aimlessly through random websites, I came across this car decorated by a Japanese designer.  I pinned it, but that wasn't enough.  I needed to show you the car.  I think is is so cool that he made a deal with the Smart Car folks to decorate their car with polka dots.  If I hadn't just purchased my little red hat box, I would want one of these!
Source: via Pat on Pinterest

Don't you love it?  The pink is so vibrant, the dots of varying sizes really set it off!  Yep!  Too cute for words...almost!

Have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget to hop over to my green blog and enter my giveaway!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Diabetes Foot Care ~ Keep Those Tootsies Healthy!

Do you have diabetes or "pre-diabetes?"  Are you aware of how vulnerable your feet are to wounds, punctures, neuropathy, and other dangers?  HB (HoneyBunny) is diabetic and has neuropathy.  A double whammy.  He is not good at scheduling regular visits to the podiatrist to get his feet checked and nails clipped.

However, we did go today...both of us.  My visit was a followup after getting an ingrown toenail clipped last week.  My toe "thumb" (did you ever hear that term?) is doing just peachy, thanks.  HB got clipped and will have a couple of new prescriptions to take for his neuropathy and diabetic shoes. 

This is welcome news to me, as well as HB.  I swear, he has more shoes than Imelda Marcos and not many of them fit him well.  Yet, he insists on struggling to get them on and wearing them because he likes the brand or the style.  He hasn't come to terms with comfy and Happy Feet like some of us have.  It is my hope that these shoes will help with balance and give him those "happy feet" and save his tootsies!

Here is some helpful information from the National Diabetes Educational Program (NDEP):

So...ladies....a pedicure is fine, but if you have diabetes, you should only allow an RN or Doctor to trim those toenails, and you should schedule an annual exam by your favorite podiatrist to make sure your feet are fine.  Fine feet = happy feet. 

And, more of that macho stuff, ya hear?  Don't walk around barefoot if you have diabetes, get your feet checked annually and wear comfy shoes!  That is...if you plan to keep all ten toes!  They are important for more than counting!  (chuckles)

Here's my question (again) you wear comfy shoes?  What's your favorite foot tip?

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Breaking News! 

As promised...there is an announcement to be made today!  I have kept you in the dark too long.  So, let me tell you my tale...

Last week I received a facebook message from a facebook friend who lives in the within miles of me.  We both posted updates on last year's wildfire here and met on facebook.  We have never met in person - yet.  For the past year I have read her posts and learned bits and pieces of who she is.  She is a wife, Mother, travel writer, an outspoken advocate for abused animals (horse rescuer), and a whole lot more.

Her message told me she had "...been watching your writing with some interest. The reason being - I need writers for my magazine."  You see, she is a freelance travel writer (for ten years) who is starting up her own online Travel Magazine - Exploration Travel Magazine.  Whoa...that caused me to be breathless for a few minutes!  Someone I have never met has enough confidence in my writing to trust me with a column in her magazine?  Nothing like this has ever happened to me.  Try to stay humble when opportunity bops you on the isn't easy!

After some thought and sleeping on the idea, discussing it with HB (HoneyBunny) and calming my fears...sort of...I emailed N and told her I was "excited and willing to give it a try!"   I will be writing a Wednesday column on weekly travel news.  No, I won't be traveling the globe to write about exciting, dangerous or luxurious destinations and adventures.  I will be reading, reviewing, searching out stories each week and selecting one humorous, outrageous, or perhaps helpful topic that will interest travelers.  I love a challenge!  Already I am reading what I can about travel writing and following travel writers and blogs to educate myself.

Although the magazine does not officially go live until July 1, 2012, there are some interesting articles posted as well as my first ever premier starter rookie travel post!  I am so excited.  So, there are two things you need to bookmark, subscribe to - and to follow...please, please, please. 

My column, Pat's Travel Talk

My first post can be found here Adult Camps ~ A New Trend? 

~ and...ta-da-- my new blog, also named Pat's Travel Talk.

If you are on Google Currents (it's an app for iPhone and android devices) you can follow the magazine here as well.  It's a good read that will give you the bug to go somewhere new!  Be sure to take a peek!

There you have it!  I wanted to wait until the article published before breaking the story to you.  I appreciate your blind faith in me, your encouragement and your hugs.  I am counting on your support to weather me through the learning process and going forward with this new out-of-my-comfort-zone opportunity.  I hope you are all as excited as me!

Do you love to travel?  What is your favorite place to visit?

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dog Days of Summer ~ Or, A Trip To The Vet With A Hot Dog

Today Old Moses and I are going to the Veterinarian to have his eyes checked and his paw looked at.  He has what appear to be clogged tear ducts and yesterday he scratched at it and caused it to bleed.  He has been worrying it ever since...and constantly licking his paw, too.  Poor guy.

Remember back in January, when I introduced you to our new dogs at Meet Jacob and Moses?  These two old guys are so trusting of us and just wonderful pets.  We love them to pieces.  Moses doesn't like his feet messed with, but last night I got down on the floor and checked out his eye and paw and he thanked me by licking my hand and arm!  I just hope he will be as grateful when the Vet takes a peek at it!

And, that brings me to Jacob.  He will be left at home alone for the first time since they came to live with us.  He isn't going to take kindly to that!  It will be a test for him to see how he does.  I feel bad, but I don't think I want to take both dogs to the Vet by myself.  HB (HoneyBunny) has a "date" with his buddies this afternoon, so I am on my own here.

Do you dread taking your pet(s) to the doctor?  Are they good patients?

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