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Monday, April 30, 2012

W82TXT ~ 4 Young 'n' Old

What is W82TXT?

W82TXT (Wait to Text) - W82TXT is a community awareness campaign, to encourage drivers not to text while behind the wheel.

Texting while driving is the most dangerous form of distracted driving. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says drivers who text, are six times more likely to cause an accident than intoxicated drivers. This scary statistic is perhaps because when texting, the driver’s steering capability goes down 91%.

The W82TXT thumb bands are being distributed and worn as a reminder of the W82TXT message.

Last week, my blog friend, Ginger Knox, of Savannah Granny blog, was interviewed by local media.  She talked about how texting while driving has affected her family twice!  Click on the link below to see the video.
Subway campaign urges students to W8 2 TXT

We all need to do our part to get this message out there!  Forty states have laws against driving while texting.  My state, Arizona, is one that does not.  I see people of all ages talking and texting with their phones while driving!  One thing I am certain of...I don't want to be anywhere near those drivers!

Please help spread the word, become an activist, get on your soapbox...whatever you need to do. 
There's nothing that you have to text that's more important than your life.  Will you take the pledge? 

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Poodle Skirts and Jukebox Memories

Memories of poodle skirts ,bobby socks and jukeboxes are swirling around in my head.  Sigh...yes, I can remember wearing homemade poodle skirts with saddle shoes and bobby socks.  I always made sure my socks were rolled just so.  I felt very special.

Jukebox music was the thing in the fifties.  Forty five RPM records were the rage.  Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley, Bobby Vinton, Frankie Avalon...sigh...I was in love!  I had an entire scrapbook filled with Elvis photos and articles.  I loved the sock hops at school.  Those were the days!

We had no air conditioning and we didn't seem to care.  We just adapted. 

We walked through the business district and stopped at the diner for fries and catsup before catching the school bus for home.  Sometimes we took a stroll through the Five and Dime.  We rarely spent more than fifty cents.  That was a lot back then.

It was a happy time and often sad, too.  Growing up is such a conflict of emotions.  What are your memories of school days and the way you dressed?

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Little Red Hat Box ~ My New Kia Soul

With HB (HoneyBunny) by our new car!

Don't you just love my "Little Red Hat Box?"  ( I copied the name from my friend Liz!)   This is our/my new car!  Brand spankin' new, 2012 KIA Soul.  The color is called "Molten," but I prefer to think of it as Red-Hat-Lady Red!  Fit for a Queen!  Oops...shhhh!  I neglected to tell our salesman that I was Royalty!  Oh, never mind, he probably noticed right away!  (chuckles)

So, you say...that's nice, they got a car...yawn. But, wait! This is noteworthy for us ~ to have a good experience with buying a car. I need to preface this by telling you that we had a good experience buying our Hyundai from this same dealer ten years ago. However, our salesman this time around was outstanding. His name is Nick, at Lawley KIA in Sierra Vista, AZ. Nick made this process pleasant, easy and painless from start to finish. We loved that there was none of that often seen game-playing with the numbers and extras. We never once felt like we were being pressured to do anything. Nick spoke to both of us ~ important, because many salesmen tend to not talk business with the woman! He gets huge brownie points from me for that!

Me with Nick Furnas, our Wonderful Salesman!

The KIAs seem to be flying off of dealer's lots right now, so, when we showed up to meet with Nick, we were told there weren't any for us to test drive.  Would you believe that the Mother of another salesman let us test drive the one she had just bought?  Yes, she did!  This gracious woman trusted total strangers with her new red Soul.  Wow - would I have said "yes" if it were me?  I hope so.

We loved it, signed the paperwork and the next day a driver was sent to the Phoenix area to pick up the only red Soul in Arizona!  Wow, again!  When we picked up the car it was full of gas, washed sparkling clean and Nick showed us how to work all the bells and whistles.  There are a lot of them.  Then, off to the service department to schedule a 3-month service, and parts to order a dash cover.  Red Carpet treatment all the way!  Yes, I am sure he knew I was a Red Hat Queen.  (giggle)

Then, off the lot we drove, smiling all the way home!  We would be out on a little road trip right now, but we are waiting for a delivery that we need to be home to accept.   Meanwhile, I am putting all of the "cargo" that we usually carry in the trunk, in the back behind the seats.  Making it mine, I guess you'd say.  The road trip will come later.

 This has been a good week and a good experience ~ a blogworthy experience to be sure!  How is your week going?  Have you had any blogworthy experiences to shout out?

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Hour ~ Time For A Nap

You'll find this on my Pinterest Board under Words I ♥.  I am a true believer in naps for all.   If I had a megaphone, I might be on some street corner shouting at all passersby - "Take a nap!"   If I were a legislator I would promote a bill to require everyone to take a siesta daily, like they do in other countries. 

Our pets nap off and on all day long.  Of course our two sleep with one eye on us in case we move from one room to another and they may miss something!

It is time for a little nappy when I feel like this!  My eyes start crossing, my back aches and brain fog sets in!  I take my "Happy Hour" on the couch with the TV on for background noise and feel ever so much better when I wake up.  (My alarm is usually a dog nose in my face!)

Do you nap?  Do you prefer power naps of 20 to 30 minutes or longer naps of an hour or more?

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Backyard Visitors

Orioles return each Spring

Year two for this Gila Woodpecker nest in our half-dead tree.

Mr & Mrs Gila Woodpecker

Keeping an eye on me as I snap photos.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!  Who visits your backyard?

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's In A Face?

Andean Peasant Woman

Exploring can cause brain damage.  Well, that may be an exaggeration, but it can put a strain on the brain, just sifting though all of the pictures.  Some are beautiful, others are disgusting.  Many are totally interesting.

Faces fascinate me.  Faces have character.  In particular, this woman has a face with so much character I just want to gaze into her eyes and imagine what her life has been like.  Where has she lived?  Does she have grandchildren?  Does she work the fields and care for a household, even at her advanced age?  Is she as old as the wrinkles on her face suggest?  How is her health?  Is there even a doctor within 100 miles of her home?  What about her home?  Does she live in a house, a lean-to, a tent? 

I love her face.  Her eyes are holding secrets, don't you think?  What makes her smile?   There are so many questions I would love to ask.

What would you ask her?

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Monday, April 23, 2012

It's recipe time again, and we have a healthy option from Maggee today.  This may not be for everyone, but you may want to jot it down for that occasion when it may come in handy!

Anything that helps with my energy level is going to get a fair chance here!  Stay tuned for more from Maggee.  She is in the process of moving back to Portland, OR right now.  When she is settled I am sure we will get more good tasting goodies to try!

Happy Monday to all of you!


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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day ~ A Trip To Our Local Farmer's Market

It's Earth Day at our Farmer's Market and the Sierra Vista Market, our food co-op.  And, it is Arizona HOT today - in the nineties!  Still, it was festive and fun walking around looking at all of the vendors' wares. 

There were several booths selling plants.  There were shrubs, trees, vegetables and herbs on display.

This happy fella was selling water filtration systems and was a lot of fun with his teasing and joking. 

There were several vendors selling oils, lotions and soaps of all varieties.  I am not in the market for those just now, but I did find a lady who is local who sells essential oils at a reasonable price.  I bought a 1 ounce bottle of Orange.

My friend, Lisa and her daughter Lexi were there with their alpacas ~ Moms and babies ~ from Thunder Mountain Alpaca Ranch.  I wrote about them a couple weeks ago - Picnic With The Pacas.  The are super soft and very mellow.  They look like huge stuffed toys, and I just fell in love with them right away!

Mom and Youngster

Afterwards we walked next door to the local Cooperative store where another friend had organized a "Cash Mob" to show up between 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm.  We surprised the Co-op staff and each spent the agreed upon $10 or more.  I believe half of our church fellowship showed up!

Here's my contribution...and proof I was there!  What fun this was, and a wonderful way to infuse some cash into the local economy!  Besides, I found more oil and a cold drink to rehydrate myself!

There you have it!  My relaxing afternoon wandering the Farmer's Market.  What did you do today to celebrate Earth Day?

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Earth Day ~ What's UP?

A trip to our local farmer's market is on today's agenda!  My house has been cleaned, I am clean and I am eager to see all of the displays and goodies for Earth Day.  I am taking my camera so I can share what I find! 

What are your Earth Day plans this weekend?

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Kitchen Redo ~ Done!

At last, the back splash is going up!

Okay, I confess...I hollered "Uncle" on the back splash.  I decided I just didn't have the energy or oomph to tackle the job!  So, I asked our Friendly Fix-It Folks to put it up for me.  I had all the stuff needed except my "Mojo!"

So, Kenda spent two days doing what I had put off for two+ weeks!  She put the tile up on Day One, with me peeking in with my handy dandy camera a few times.  Well...I just had to ogle over the new look going up!  I was so excited!

Day Two was for grouting the tile.  Once that was done, and wiped down, she was done.  Poof!  Finished!  I wiped down the counter top, put back the canisters, bread box, etc, and Presto ~ a brand spankin' new kitchen to admire!

There is still one teeny little thing to finish...that I carefully left out of the photos.  I still need to paint the trim and the pantry doors.  But, I promise to get it done!  Fer real!  But, in the meantime, we are thoroughly enjoying our new kitchen!  Do you remember what it looked like before??  You can see the progress here, here, here, here, and here

Here is a before, and a before that photo! 

Before today's redo

Waaayyy Before

Oh, My! I just l♥ve it!

It's been a long wait, but having you all with me along the way helped the time pass more quickly!  Thank you for all of your words of encouragement and your friendship during our time of stress.  I sure don't recommend doing a major redo like the kitchen at the same time hubby is experiencing serious health issues.  But, we are through one phase, and expect some progress on the esophagus problem next week.  I'll update you when we know more.


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