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Saturday, March 31, 2012

7 Reasons for Falls in the Elderly

Did you know that one in three elderly takes a tumble each year?  That equates to more than 1.6 million seniors ending up in emergency rooms just for falls.  For our elders, falling is the leading cause of death, of injury and or hospital stays.  That is alarming to say the least!

There are several reasons why seniors are apt to fall…

Too sedentary.  No regular exercise, decreasing bone mass, balance problems and less flexibility.

Poor vision.  Not wearing prescribed glasses, or a current prescription, macular degeneration, cataracts and other age-related eye diseases.

Medications.  Many medications may cause increased incidents of falling, such as anti-depressants, sedatives, and drug interaction.

Diseases.  Diseases such as arthritis, Parkinson’s and dementia can cause weakness in the arms and legs, poor hand strength, balance problems and confusion or cognitive impairment.

Surgeries.  Hip and knee replacements, as well as other surgery may leave seniors weak or in pain and discomfort, therefore less able to get around that before the procedure.

Environmental Hazards.  Most hazards for seniors are in their home.  One third of falls happen there due to such things as loose carpets or throw rugs, poor lighting, no grab bars or other safety equipment.

Environmental hazards. One third of all falls in the elderly population involve hazards at home. Factors include: poor lighting, loose carpets and lack of safety equipment.

All of this sound rather grim, but just because we are getting older – even if we grow older with Grace – doesn’t mean we will experience a fall.  We can be those who stay upright because we have grab bars in our bathrooms, carpet that doesn’t have loose spots, removed throw rugs and are using those products that make our lives safer and keep us well-balanced!

Here's to an upright world, with fewer spills and no more ouchies!  Here's to a toned up tuned in bunch of seniors, enjoying life in our sunset years!  Here's to our health and well-being! 

What are you doing to provide a safer environment for yourself or a loved one?

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Desert Rat Reflects

Huachuca Mountains

The first impression I had of Arizona was dry, hot desert with Indian Reservations and no grass!  I wasn't eager to move here, but my job opportunity was here, so this Midwestern-raised gal faced the unknown and made the move.  I wondered how any sane person could actually like a yard full of rocks and no green grass in sight!
B Troop 4th Cavalry - Ft. Huachuca, AZ

After exploring my surroundings, I discovered this area is chock full of history of all kinds.  The Spanish came through here (Coronado and Father Kino, for instance), the Mexicans lived here when it was part of Mexico (later to be part of the Gadsden Purchase), and the Apache (Geronimo, Cochise and others) were fierce warriors against the soldiers stationed here at Ft. Huachuca, Ft. Bowie and other frontier forts.  And, of course, the settlers, some of whom struck it rich in Tombstone in the mines.

One doesn't live in the desert long without learning about all of the critters that dwell here.  There are rattlesnakes, gila monsters, lizards, geckos, tarantulas, scorpions, spiders, centipedes, and more.  Some are venomous, some scary-looking but harmless.  There are bears, mountain lions, bobcat and coatimundi in the mountains.  There are beaver living near the river.

San Pedro River (Riparian Area)

That's right...there are rivers in this high desert country!  The San Pedro is the nearest to where I live.  It runs underground part of the year, but as you can see above, other times there is visible water...enough that some beaver were transplanted here a few years ago.

Rainbow Cactus

Perhaps most surprising to me was the beauty of the desert.  After the rainy seasons the cactus bloom with beautiful blossoms in pink, red, white, yellow and the wildflowers pop up everywhere!  It is a sight to behold.  It only took about a year for me to become a card-carrying desert rat, bragging about the gorgeous sunsets to everyone who would listen.  Now I can't imagine living anywhere else.

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised when your first impression of something turned out to be totally wrong?

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ If I Had A Porch

If I had a porch...
             I'd want it to be just like these.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Maggee's Creative Corner ~ Feel Better Broth

Do you know anyone who could use a tasty broth to sooth a sore throat or calm jittery nerves?  This recipe may be just the ticket!  Give it a try and tell us how you like it!  We love your feedback!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Where Can I Run To?

Help!  I am being stalked!  Is there no escape from this never-ending aggravation?  I am speaking of that dreaded....

All I have done for months now, is sneeze, cough and blow my nose!  If I'd been wise I might have bought stock in a tissue company!  I have gone through box after box and pill after pill - even the non-drowsy ones knock me out!  The weatherman says there is no relief in sight - yet.

I have tried cleaning, washing, trashing anything that might harbor sneeze-makers.  I have brushed the dogs, raked the yard, watered everything.  It isn't helping.  A two-day cold spell, with night time temps in the 30's was small comfort.  As soon as it warmed up, so did my sinuses.  Sniff...sniff...aaachoo!

Are you suffering from early allergy season, too?  Have you found a secret cure?  a pollen-free hide-away?  a space ship with an empty seat leaving soon?  Inquiring minds would like to know!

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Friday, March 23, 2012

It's All About The Hat!

Pat & Pat (that's me on the right)

This last week I have been adding a lot of Red Hatters to my Facebook friends.  I have to say, I am in awe of their hats!  I have seen some stunning ones in my eight years of belonging to this Sisterhood, but this week has been quite exciting to see my new friends' toppers!  It got me thinking of the hats I have worn.  You can see some of them on my Plum Crazy Ladies fan page.  I'd be happy if you'd "like" my page when you get there, too!

The photo above is Queen Pat (left) and me, Queen Mum Pat (right) at one of the larger events a few years ago.  Several ladies got us confused, so we referred to each other as "Twinnie" and we had great fun together.  We could always spot her in a crowded room, as she had the biggest, most outrageous hat!  What fun!

my bra hat! 

Red and purple hats come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are fancy, some casual.  Some are full of feathers & plumes, some are dainty.  Some are daring, some are silly.  My bra hat, made by a friend who is also Queen of her own chapter, is either daring, racy or silly...depending on how your day is going.  The last time I wore it my face turned red...really!  It was at our Relay For Life fun*raiser fashion show which was held at one of the local churches.  In the midst of everything, Pastor Peter decided to stroll through to see how we were doing!  Imagine my surprise and...well, you get the picture.  He was either blind to my plight or gracious enough to look the other way.  LOL!

my birthday month hat

My purple hat is fancy schmancy and worn during my birthday month.  I look Queenly in it, wouldn't you say?  Did you know you could also be a Queen in this wonderful Sisterhood called the Red Hat Society?  You sure can, just by starting a chapter and asking a few friends to come have fun!  To find out more, go the website see what it is all about!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Linky Followers ~ New Tool That's Cool!

Are you up on the latest?  For non-blogger bloggers Google Friend Connect has gone away (or will soon).  So, Linky Followers was created by Brent Riggs so we can still all have an easy peasy way of following each other.  So, if you aren't already signed up, I recommend you go check it out.  And, if you are signed up, please follow me there...just click on the link on my sidebar!  I hope all 350+ of my GFC followers will join me at Linky Followers so we don't lose track of each other! 

Be sure to leave me a comment to let me know you are following me so I can follow you back!  Thanks!


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