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Thursday, January 5, 2012

No, I Am Not Hiding

Today I read a post about personal branding.  It said it is on the way out.  People should not try to be a brand of something or other.  People aren't products.  Transparency is becoming the trend.  It was encouraging us to stop "hiding" behind cartoons, etc and show ourselves.  Gasp!  Just when I thought Grace and I were doing so well, too.  I was mortified!  Come out of the closet, so to speak?  Do I have to?

So, this afternoon I did some thinking about this and I've come to a conclusion. It's my conclusion.  It may not work for everyone.  I have decided that I like being Grace when I write my blog.  Transparency is okay on other social media, but on my blog I plan to just be Grace.  Silly, aging, graying, creaking, leaking, wrinkly, crinkly ol' Grace.  I've come to love her persona.  I hope you have, too.

It isn't because I am some fruit loopy cereal killer lurking here pretending to be a little old lady.  I AM a little old lady.  Five foot two to be exact.  Closing in on seventy as a matter of fact.  (Bigger GASP!)  Nor am I some slimy scammer trying to trick you into buying some worthless nonsense.  I just want you to "buy" my weird sense of humor and "buy" into my occasional sarcasm.  I am just me using "Grace" as my nom de plume.

Some of you who follow me or have emailed me know I don't hide behind my Grace identity all of the time.  I am me on my personal facebook page, I am me on Google + and I am me when we email.  I know this sometimes confuses people when they aren't sure who I really am, but today I hope to fix that. 

Ta-Da!  There!  See?  I am me...Pat Mallett...a Grandma, a Mom, a Wife, a Sister, an Aunt, a Christian, a Red Hat Queen, a Relay For Life Team Captain, a blogger, a reader, a friend, and more.  And, when I blog, I am also GraceinAZ or just plain Grace.  Just because I like the silliness of her.  It's that simple -  and that's enough.


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  1. Nice photo - I too was like you for quite a while and finally added my photo everywhere and started to get a lot more followers on Twitter. It just makes us more real.

  2. Hi Pat, or Grace, this is my first visit to your lovely blog and I like it. :) I agree, we ought to feel free and be whichever person(a) we wish to be as long as we share honestly and kindly. Besides, getting into Character is fun!

  3. Well Pat, I for one Love Grace in AZ!! I would not change a thing. After all it is your blog and you can be who you want to be! It is nice to meet Pat though. Great photo, but keep up the Growing Old with Grace, I love her!

  4. Now I've got that song, "I've Gotta Be Me" playing in my head. Was it from "Man of La Mancha" he was Don Quixote or something like that? I'll go look it up after hitting Enter.

    Be true to yourself, that's why I read your blog. Just the way you are.

  5. Too funny, I have I'v gotta Be Me in my hear too, giggle. Love this post. So happy we are bloggy friends. xo

  6. Lisa - Thanks for sharing your experience in this matter. I love knowing how others handle it.

    Claudine - Welcome - and looks like I've been found out - yep! I am a character! (grinning)

    Ginger - Thanks for your sweet comment! I ♥ you, too!

    New End - Haha...great song, too. Now I'll be humming it the rest of the week! And, thanks for liking me/us as we are!

    Katherine - Thank you so much for being a friend and taking time to stop by when you are so busy!

    Hugs, to all of you!
    GraceinAZ ( know who I am)

  7. Hooray! Glad you are you :) That's so important!!


  8. Yes, Kristina, like it or not (I do), I am me. TeeHee...and having so much fun in this blog world! Thanks for coming by!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ


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