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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ugly Cookie Contest

It's An UGLY Cookie Contest
Here's My Entry!

Cranberry ChocolateChip Oatmeal Cookies

Yesterday was like any other day around our house.  Until I decided to bake some Christmas cookies to share with friends.  I gathered the dry ingredients, and all the rest of the ingredients on the counter top and set to work...
mixing it all together, then spooning on to the cookie sheet, and placing them in the hot oven.  Next...the wait was on!  Seven to nine minutes to deliciousness!

You might not be surprised at this next part...oh, there was deliciousness, but at the cost of prettiness.  Something terrible happened in that oven.  What should have been rounded, soft oatmeal cookies,
turned out to be flat-as-a-pancake ugliness. 

What on earth am I going to do with all those dreadful-looking yummy-tasting cookies?  I can't eat them all myself.  I surely can't give them to the neighbors - I like them too much to play that kind of trick on them.  Or....should I start an "Ugly Cookie Contest" in our culdesac?  What would be the prize?  Hmmmm....this may deserve some thought. 
What do you think about that idea? 
Have you ever had a cookie mishap? 
Care to share with us?

Christmas Blessings from

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  1. Grace wrote, "I surely can't give them to the neighbors."


    Grace's Neighbor

  2. I love the ugly cookie contest. Although I think that your cookies do look gorgeous anyways..

  3. Haha, an Ugly Cookie Contest, I love it! I'd probably make some that look like poop, but then again, that's just my own sense of humor. Yours look really yummy, actully! And I say you keep a few to snack on until New Years. Still a few weeks left to be "bad"!

    Something 2 Write About

  4. I'm sure they taste yummy though!!! :O)

  5. Neighbor - okay, you asked for it! I'm bringing some over! LOL!

    Bl - Thanks for sayng they look good! (giggle)

    Kristina - Ha! Funny you should say that! My neighbor offered to make bourbon balls, which she said resemble poop! Heehee! I am eating them one-by-one...

    Diane - yes, they taste fine - if I close my eyes! (smiling)

    Christmas Blessings to you all,

  6. I don't think they look ugly!! Sometimes the ugly baking is the BEST!!! I say if they taste good, give em!! I'm really liking the ugly cookie contest idea! I might be the winner!! Merry Christmas!


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