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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Remembering My Dad

Today would have been my Dad's 100th Birthday.  He didn't live long enough to reach this milestone, but this day has been on my mind for days now.  I don't think he cared whether he lived a long life or not.  My Mom always said she planned to celebrate her 100th Birthday, but she died too soon, too.  I don't think I want to live that long.  Chances are, since both of my parents died from complications of Alzheimer's Disease, I would have no memory of that accomplishment if I did live that many years.

My Dad was a talented man.  He crafted shelves, picture frames, plaques and all sorts of things in his workshop.  He refurbished an old school bus into a camper.  He was a good hunter and fisherman, providing meat and fish for many dinners.  He raised chickens, calves and sheep to provide more meat for our freezer.  He designed jobber catalogues.  He could fix most things. 

He had his faults, but for today, I wish only to remember the good.  I remember going on long rides every time he bought a new car.  Back then, the cars needed to be "broken in" by driving them so many miles at certain speeds, etc.  I just know that it meant long rides in the country, and a stop at a favorite take out place for chicken-in-a-basket - on a warm summer night with the car windows down.

He raised beagles for a time and his favorite was Brownie, one of his hunting dogs.  He also had two Golden Retrievers named Buff and Sandy who were hunters.  There were always "pet" dogs, too, that we kids could pal around with.

I spent a lot of time being angry with my Dad, (he drank too much) and not respecting him as I was growing up.  I miss him now that it is too late to tell him how much I loved him, in spite of being angry.  Deep down I did love him, and I miss him now. 

How I would have enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to him today.

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  1. Grace, I share with your good memory of your Dad. He's a mighty father.

  2. This is a touching post Grace. My father died at age 56. Take care and hold on to the good memories. My thoughts and prayers are with you today.

  3. I loved this post. It made me remember some things about my Dad that I had forgotten. Thank you for that.

    My Dad is in the early stages of dementia. He is more irritable and very unlike MY Dad. I told my niece that we needed to start writing my Dad's story and all our memories, so that our children and grandchildren would remember our Dad and grandfather as we remember him.

    Thanks for writing this tho it must have been hard to admit that he wasn't always a good father.

    I hope my daughter remembers my good attributes and forgets my yelling and some things that I'm not so proud of.

    Thinking and praying for you today.

  4. I'm sure your dad loves this post! Very nice :)

  5. Terrie, Judy, Janet & NJ- thank you for your sweet comments. They mean so much to me today. Janet, I have the same hopes that my kids will forgive the yelling of a young Mom and remember the fun times we had, all the laughter we have shared.
    Hugs to each of you,

  6. I'm very sorry about your loss. I am one of the lucky ones to have both of my parents and step parents still living. I was blessed to have 4 wonderful parents.
    Hold on to the good memories. Never regret anything, regrets take up too much energy and time and can't be changed. I'm sure your dad knew that you loved him. Parents just know these things.

  7. My dad was a drunk as well. It finally killed him. It's Ok I'm sure he knew you loved him. But it's true when they are gone even though they were not the sweetest you do wish you could have loved them more.

    Every little girl wants the love of her father that's why when they don't act right it hurts so much. This is exactly how I felt about my father. It's hard to respect a man when he's falling on the ground daily.-Sad

  8. Terri - thank you. My Dad died 29 years ago, but some memories are like yesterday. I still miss him.

    Lisa - I am sorry you grew up like I did, with a Dad who drank. There were many ruined celebrations as we were growing up, but also many fun times. Sober he was a good man.

    Hugs & Happy New Year!


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