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Saturday, December 3, 2011

To Tree or Not To Tree...

Friday (a week ago)  I put up my Christmas tree.  That's it...put it up.  It isn't decorated - yet.  That was the plan, but this ol' lady has been having an avoidance issue and has been doing her best to ignore the naked tree in the living room.  It is a mystery.  I love Christmastime and all the decorations.  There is no good reason why I seem to be putting this job off. 

Yesterday I told myself my mission for the day was hanging ornaments on the tree. went slowly.  I have the topper and a few red ornaments hung so far.  (Had to take a break for dinner, you know.)  The rest are in tubs around the tree.  Sigh...

Promise to self:  Tree will be decorated and beautiful by the end of day today!  There will be no more fooling the neighbors by lighting this undone tree every night.  After all, Santa may be watching...and my conscience is overloaded with guilt.  Pesky stuff, that guilt.  Not good.  I want to be free to enjoy this tree and the season.  I hope you will hold me to it.  I will restrict my access to the computer until the deed is done!

Besides, some young adults from church will be here to do some yard work for us today, and I'll be making chili for them for lunch!  It got down to freezing here in the high desert last night and it will be chilly (no pun intended) today.   I plan to warm their tummies with homemade chili.  And, I will be decorating the tree while they work.

You will send me encouraging comments to keep me going on the decorating, won't you?  My track record indicates a definite need for motivation!  Thank you!

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  1. Hi Grace,

    I just put your blog button in my "Featured Blogger" position on my blog - congrats on winning the giveaway!

    Come check it out when you get a chance..

    Oh, and by the way, as of right now my tree is completely bare. ;)

  2. Grace, You're ahead of this old lady. My tree is still upstairs covered with it's protective covering.

    I had actually thought of putting lights in the windows to make folks think I've decorated. Hmmm!

    Just "GET ER DONE"!!

    Love your posts

  3. The tree is in the garage, hoping to move in tomorrow. It was so wet for a week that we managed a dry day to go and get the tree, but the branches need to dry a bit. It's totally gray and rainy again today, so tree decorating tomorrow will be a bright spot. On the other hand, so glad that all of this rain was not snow! Your tree will be beautiful!

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments! Our tree is almost finished. Then off to storage until it it time to take the tree down. Merry Christmas, my friends!

  5. We "put up" our tree this weekend - it's a fake one that we got from Target last year and is 2 feet tall. It's so cute, always stays green, and has so far been a cost-effective way to decorate! One of these days when we have a little bit bigger place (Annnnd, are not on the 3rd floor) we could get a real tree. I'm sure your tree looks beautiful, even if it's not compeltely ready yet!!

    Something 2 Write About

  6. I too have just put up my tree... Yet to hang all the ornaments and complete the decor... ;-) ;-) ... Hope to do it today !!!


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