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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Did Santa Lose Rudolph? ~ A Neighborhood Mystery

Is this Rudolph or his perhaps cousin???

It seems I need to encourage my neighbor, Pansy, to get her eyes checked.  (Giggle)  You see, from her house, this piece of metal resembled either a "reindeer lawn sculpture that had an epic FAIL," or perhaps a "pig" in a sort of "Warholesque" way.   

Actually, it is an old BBQ grill that another neighbor set out for the trash truck's special pickup day today.  It has been sitting on the sidewalk for a few days now, waiting patiently for a "ride" in the big truck.  I might have imagined it, but I thought I heard it mumble something about being tossed out like trash after years of faithful grilling.  Maybe being replaced by a shiny youngster with more gadgets and things.  For a moment I even felt sorry for it.

Does Santa haul new grills in his sleigh, and do the reindeer mind all that extra weight?  I wonder about things like that.  It would be unfortunate if Rudolph's nose light went out under the strain of pulling Santa, all the toys, and such things as new BBQs.  At my age I doubt I will be able to stay awake long enough to find out the answer.  What?  Well, yes, of course I believe...ho ho ho!
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  1. Poor abandoned bbq, maybe someone will pick him up and put some shiny paint on him. I vote for reindeer his legs are too skinny for a pig; he also looks like a train which dropped his caboose, must be middle age spread...

  2. Hehe! I laughed out loud.

    Someone needs to rescue him and make him into a reindeer for next year - and put him back in their yard as a joke. Wouldn't that be fun?

    Have a blessed Christmas

  3. New End - Mr BBQ got his ride on the big city truck this afternoon. Bye, bye, BBQ!

    Janet - No rescuers in sight to save him from the dump. Poor guy! He might have made a good reindeer after all.

    Hugs, and thanks for checking in!

  4. Maybe that little lost grill need to be painted red, have antlers attached and add a red nose. I can see it. So...come ring your christmas bells....

  5. Diane - thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    Georgie - Yes..good ideas! And, that neighbor is crafty, so I wonder why she didn't think of that!

    Hugs & Christmas Blessings


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