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Friday, November 25, 2011

After Thanksgiving Rambling...

Well, okay, it isn't quite the weekend, but it is a holiday week END, so shouldn't that count?  Grace says "Yes!"

This is usually our trash pick up day.  With the Thanksgiving holiday yesterday, it seems the entire neighborhood was either drunk from eating too much turkey or totally confused.  In any case, no one put out their trash cans, thinking that the trash guys had the day off.   No one was brave enough to risk looking silly by putting it out just in case.

So, when I was awakened at 7:30 am by a noise sounding suspiciously like a garbage truck, followed by another noise that sounded very much like a trash can being rolled out, I peeked out the window to check on things.  I didn't see anything - no truck, no cans on the street.

So...I proceeded to get dressed.  A few minutes later I opened the front door to get our newspaper and noticed that the house across the street had put their can out (hastily,  am guessing).  I tiptoed over and lifted the lid and...ugh(!) it was empty!  Meaning, of course, that I had missed the pickup!

Outfoxed by the City Maintenance people - again!  It happened once before!  They must all have a good chuckle as they gather around the water cooler, when the drivers come in and tell them how empty the streets were of trash cans.  Personally, I think it is all a game with them - let's fool the citizens!  Are we on a regular schedule or are we on a holiday schedule? the rest of our street must wait until Tuesday to have our trash cans emptied.  That could be a challenge!

But, back to my original thought...

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. I am sorry you missed the garbage truck Grace. Anyway enjoy your long holiday weekend. Take care.

  2. Funny story and I've been one of those running the bin out of to the curb! Happy Weekend!


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