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Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm Not Old, I'm Crunchy!

 (Thanks, Pansy)

After two days of painting and climbing up and down the stepladder, my bones are creaking and my muscles are screaming.  There is no getting around it.  This happens every time I work on a project around the house, or put on a yard sale, or work in the yard.  I can plan on taking two Aleve at the end of the day. 

When I was young I could run, play baseball, climb trees and do acrobatics without so much as a hint of an ache.  Didn't we all?  And, I can tell you...I NEVER, EVER gave old age a thought!  Eegads, who of us thought we'd ever be in our 60's or our 70's and beyond?  Those were just big numbers that surely didn't apply to the likes of us!  And, Goodness, did we ever dream we'd be married to an old person?  Not even!

Well, here's a rude awakening ~ everyone who lives long enough gets old!  Pretty profound, isn't it?  We need to get over it.  If we need to struggle to bend over and struggle more to get back up, well, that's the way it is. "Live with it, Grace," I tell myself.  Heavens to Betsy, my only other choice is to sit in my rocker and do nothing and live in fear of each ache and pain.  No sirree, not this Grandma!  I am much too stubborn and I even have a nasty streak of independence that shouts out, "Outta my way, I've got too many things to do!"  No matter what.  So there  you have it...I am officially off my rocker!


  1. Love your attitude! I think you just have to decide to take pain, and fight it as you get older. It's just a fact of life, huh.

    Thanks for coming by Mommy LaDy Club:)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Come link up in my Fabulous Food Fridays Hop, or find a new recipe to try!

  3. How true! I'm turning 40 tomorrow and already my knees hurt when it's cold and I'm getting the first signs of arthritis - but hey, my mom's almost 80 and she's still going, going, going!

  4. Even though we grow old in body and years we may always stay young in our heart and mind and I find that the greatest solution to the aging process.
    Now following you via GFC and Network blogs.

  5. Great post, thanks for stopping by my blog on the blog hop!!

  6. Lovely photo! Thanks so much for stopping by and joining in my blog.Have a great weekend ya....

  7. Well, for an old timer you sure do have this whole computer/blogging thing down :)
    Thanks for joining my blog...happy to join yours!
    You may like my Screaming story (when you get a chance)

  8. Thanks for your comments, my Friends!

    Mommy, yes, attitude is everything!

    Heather - I did stop by and found your yummy recipe! Thx!

    Claudia, Happy Birthday and many, many more!

    Grace, you sound as young at heart as I feel! Age is just a number after all!

    Coreena, thx to you for visiting here~

    Treat, thx for coming over to see my blog!

    NJ, I'm on my way over to the Screaming Story now! Can't wait!

  9. Ahhh love it... I think I am crunchy too.. I love your posts. They give me hope to grow older with grace.... Yeah, maybe not. I think I am going to fight it every step of the way.... lol

  10. That a gal :) My grandparents are in their late 80s and they say their "trick" has always been to "keep moving". My grandfather went to the Bally's 3 times a week until a few years ago :) I don't plan to slow down either, Grace, so keep inspiring us as you are doing now.

    Now, here is one to make you laugh. I am finally making it a priority to get off this baby chunk (he is 10 months old), so I have been walking 2 miles a day (sometimes every other day depending on family) and doing some Yoga. I've been doing great and slimming down a bit. I got ambitious the other day and did the workout with my Leg Magic & video ... I haven't been able to bend properly ffor 2 days (just from squats and lunges) ... It takes my mind a few minutes to register how to get up from the rocking chair with the baby. I am almost 40, so I gotta do this or I will not be able to bend in another 20 to 40 years.

    You are doing GREAT!!!

  11. Hi Jacquiline- yes, keep up the the bitter end! LOL!

    LC, your Grandfather had the right idea! Follow his lead and you'll be young when you are old!

    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  12. I'm crunchy too! Following you back from Bloggity Blog!

  13. Love this post Grace! Very interesting as always. I like your attitude. The way to go! I have now posted the TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF AWARD post on my Blog. Thanks again for passing it on to me. I am truly grateful. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Hey--if we oldies but goodies don't show the young ones how its done----how are they ever going to keep up with us!!
    I am a new follower--and I am returning the favor!!

    Michele aka MikiHope

  15. Hi Kim - glad I'm not the only "crunchy" one! Thx for visiting and following here!

    Judy, have fun with the award!

    Michele, you are so right! We are their examples! LOL! Thx for following!

    Hugs, GraceinAZ


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