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Friday, November 4, 2011

Ever Hear of a Haboob?

The weather forecast for this weekend is full of high wind warnings due to a fast-moving storm coming in from California.  That means there could be more multi-car pileups near Phoenix.  Cotton is the main crop in the area between Tucson and Phoenix and the fields are notorious for causing blowing dust across Interstate 10.  This year there have been at least four dust storms called haboobs.

This massive wall of dust was 60 miles wide and blotted out the sun in the Phoenix area.  This is a phenomenon seen mainly in North Africa, Arabia, the plains of India - and in Arizona. 

This is three hours from where I live, but it makes state and local news each time one happens.  Our area is expecting high winds, but no major dust storms.  We may, however, get our first dusting of snow on the mountaintops.  Yes, even in the high desert we get some snow.  Our "mountain islands" show off their white peaks for a good part of the winter months, while the valleys have shirt-sleeve weather in the sixties.  It's what I love most about this area ~ such a temperate climate!

In our younger days, we relied on weathermen and women to tell us what to expect and how to dress for the week ahead.  Now, we just listen to our knees, or our backs, or those achy feet to let us know a weather front is moving in.  I wonder if our youthful bodies talked to us and we just didn't listen.  Our aging bodies certainly scream when weather changes!


This storm will also mean some of my plants in the entryway will get their annual move to indoors for the winter.  We get just enough freezing nights to threaten them, and since my track record with growing green things isn't such a good one, I take no chances!  In they come, ready or not!

Are you making garden preparations for winter or the time change?

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  1. batten down the hatches and stay safe my friend Big Hugs ♥


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