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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Who Am I Calling Again?

This morning my phone rang and the caller ID told me it was a good friend that I hadn’t talked with for a long time.  I was so happy to hear from her and asked her what was up.  There was a pause, and a wary voice asked who I was.  It seems she had not put her glasses on before dialing.   Ha!  How many times have I dialed the phone, gotten distracted and then didn’t know who I was calling?  I could relate! 

After I explained (laughingly) who I was, we settled in to a wonderful, newsy conversation.  It was so nice to catch up on what she had been doing, and how she was doing.  When we finally hung up so she could make the call she originally intended to make, I was still giggling about it all.

HB (HoneyBunny) has made many cell phone calls from his hip pocket.  Now that we have touch screens, he is even more dangerous with his dialing!  The slightest touch can cause the phone to call whoever happens to be in the line of “fire.”  The last one was a call to a Facebook contact, a Pastor who lives in Phoenix, who was actually on a family vacation in Scotland at the time – on a golf course, to be exact.  Bless him, he chatted with HB awhile and prayed for him (probably asking the Lord to add special controls to HB’s phone).  Believe me, it didn’t take me long to figure out how to get rid of the Facebook contacts that were in our phone’s address books! 

There have been a few “oops” calls in the middle of the night when HB is attempting to set the alarm on his phone.  (Did I mention that technology is getting more challenging for him as the years go by?)  Fortunately, most of those calls went to a local doctor and the office was, of course, closed.  Whew!   

What silly or embarrassing experience have you had with your phantom phone calls?


  1. I have a new phone that will randomly call people with a slight touch too. The other day, it "ignored" a call and sent a text to the caller saying I would call them back in 5 minutes. Really! Now my phone is my secretary!

  2. Ha! Ha! I could totally relate to this! ^_^ My hubby's 'hip' called me one day while he was at work. He's a driver for a bread company. I heard his truck's engine, him singing along to the radio, and papers and stock being shuffled around for about 20 minutes!! The whole time I was screaming at the top of my lungs, trying to get his attention! ^_^ *shaking my head* ... Great post.

  3. giggle. It hasn't happened to me yet. But, my sweet husband received a call and had a 5 minute chat. Then looked up and said I have no idea who that was, LOL. Hugs and sending wishes for a weekend filled with laughter xo

  4. That is funny. I've had long voicemails on my phone of ambient noise from my hub's phone accidently calling me. Once an old boyfriend called me by mistake or so he said-- he was apparently calling a mutual friend whose wife has the same name as me. Hmmm...

  5. I had this happen to me just this evening. Only, I was on the 'receiving' end of the phone call. My home phone rings, I look at caller ID and see that it is the husband of a close friend. I pick up the phone and must have said... 'hello' 12-15 times. All I could hear was the two of them (faintly) in the background having a typical husband-wife conversation. I'm thinking... WHAT the...... so, call their home phone... get voice mail.... call girlfriends phone... get voice mail.... finally she calls me back in a bit and had no idea her hubby had called me... seems his phone was in his pocket and he hit a button that phoned our home phone.. :) OH WELL, turns out that we ended up having dinner together so, the phone call DID have a purpose after all! lol

  6. This certainly made me smile at this early hour here in Jamaica, approaching 5.45! I have dialed wrong numbers and I have also been talking to someone and in the midst of the conversation forgot what I was about to say!LOL Take care and have a good Thursday.

  7. Hi, Grace

    Love your post. It made me smile. I am a follower.


  8. Hello again Grace, I joined Networked Blogs today and I am now also following you there.


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