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Monday, October 10, 2011

There's Orange Juice in My Cereal!

This morning I got up before I woke up.  That is seldom a good thing where I am concerned.  My eyes were still squinting to keep out the sunlight.  My slippers were swishing along the tile, barely lifting off the floor.  My hair – well, you don’t want to know what my hair was doing!

I puttered along, turning on my computer, checking the headlines in the newspaper, and heading for the kitchen.  As I passed through the kitchen, I reached for a bowl and a glass and aimed myself at the refrigerator.  That’s when the trouble began. 
I reached in the fridge, grabbed the orange juice and promptly, without a second thought, and looking right at the juice the entire time – poured it neatly on top of my cereal!  Ugh!  I couldn’t believe I did such a silly thing.  All I am hoping now is that this was my one “oops” moment for today and the rest of it will be just “peachy!” 

Have a blessed day and hold the O.J…..


  1. Ha! Ha! Been there/ Done that! I also left my shoes in the refrigerator one time!...O_0 Good thing is that you'll 'probably' only have one day like that this week. LOL Next week it'll be something else!

  2. LOL - you topped me with the shoes! I have never managed to do that! <>

  3. Ha, ha, I've done that once too! Another stupid thing I did was when I put my pizza into my tupperware container for my lunch the next day, I put it in the cupboard instead of the refrigerator! I did that twice! Ding, ding, ding.

  4. younger sister puts OJ on her cereal on purpose. Ugghh! You brought a smile to my face again today! Hope the rest of your day is OOOPS-free!

  5. That is AWESOME. Kinda like when you throw the wrong thing in the trash, as you're watching your hand. Love it! I'm sure the rest of the day went well :)

    Kristina Gulino


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