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Monday, October 3, 2011

Parking Lots are a Three Ring Circus!

There isn’t a parking lot that doesn’t drive me batty!  I worry that my age has affected my attitude, and then again, I think the younger crowd must feel the same as I do.  It is dangerous out there!  A dent is a real possibility – no matter if you are the driver or the drivee!  (That’s a word I made up.) 

Have you ever waited hours (a little sarcasm here) for a little ol’ man to creep out of a parking space only to have some nice young thing whip into the spot right in front of your eyes?  SHE didn’t need that close-up spot; SHE isn’t falling apart one limb-at-a-time!  Look at her.  She is totally oblivious of me – talking on her cell phone as she saunters past my car.

Or, how about the shoppers who clearly see you backing out of a slot, and walk behind your car anyway…as if they had armor plating to protect them from any damage!  Chatting away, they skip happily on to their van without even flinching when you come within inches of their bodies!  Don’t they realize we only have two small mirrors to see behind us?  Not nearly large enough to see every moving thing that lurks in harm’s way (our way).

Is it just that my eyes aren’t eagle sharp as they once were?  Or that my reflexes don’t flex anymore?  I worry that one day I will actually bump someone and hurt them and my pride both!  It isn’t safe to go shopping!   Next trip, I think I’ll take a taxi!


  1. Youth seems rudely oblivious.

  2. giggle another great post sweetie. My problem is remembering where I parked once I find a parking spot.Hugs!!

  3. I love the fact that everyone gets out of my way in my big SUV. Fun post!

    Come visit me on my blog!

  4. Great blog...Like your humor


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