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Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Cooking Is A Crock

Yesterday I made beef stew in my crock pot.  It is supposed to be a slow cooker, but someone didn't get the memo.  It cooks fast, very fast.  I could never start something in the morning and let it sloooowwwww cook all day - it would be dehydrated by supper time!  So, I started it right after lunch.  It was a simple no recipe stew.  Just a package of stew meat browned, carrots, onions, and potatoes cut up, a little water, some seasoning and two cans of stewed tomatoes. 

Our friend Lulu was staying for dinner, so I set the table with my new dishes (see previous post about Retail Therapy).  Then, I got out the bread machine and started some sour dough bread.  In about two hours, the aroma was taking over the house!  It was about that time that I discovered that I had used Italian Style stewed tomatoes, which have peppers as one of the ingredients.  Oops!  Lulu is deathly allergic to anything with any form of peppers - sliced, spiced, anything!  Now I really felt bad.  I had looked at the labels, but obviously, my aging eyes glanced right smack over the two important words - Italian Style

It took me a while, but I finally found a soup that didn't have any peppers, so (whew!) that saved the day!  (And, Lulu!)  Dinner was still good to go!  Before we ate, LuLu and I delivered a big bowl of the stew to my neighbor and friend, Pansy, who was in the doldrums with a bad toothache.  I was sure this would be the perfect cure!

Yes, of course there is a point to all this jabbering.  It is that after dinner I got to thinking about me and the kitchen.  I used to love to cook meals, especially for company and family gatherings.  Now, not so much.  There is no apparent reason.  The older I get, the lazier I get about certain things.  It felt good to cook that stew.  It felt even better to share it with friends.  Who cares if we have leftovers or not.  Isn't it more important to share what we have with others?

Is it just me, or do you find yourself taking the easy way to dinner, tossing something together at the last minute?  What have I become?  You know, I even dream of a large kitchen with a double oven, stainless steel appliances, a huge refrigerator, an island with its own sink for prepping foods.  Then, I dream of the ultimate outdoor kitchen, complete with a fireplace, refrigerator, sink, and drawers for dishes and utensils.  I could live here, I tell myself.  I would live here, I say again....if only...maybe someday...

But, that will most likely never happen, so I had a little chat with myself after dinner.  Learn to love the galley kitchen you have and make use of that cookbook collection that you love.  Create a meal, don't just throw one together!  Tempt the palate, tantalize those taste buds, perk up the presentation - you can do it!  Go forth and COOK!  And, I shall!


  1. I don't use my slow cooker often enough. I think I'll make use of it to get projects done and then have a nice meal waiting- otherwise, too tired to cook! Your stew sounds delish.

  2. Since I live alone and work I hardly ever cook dinner. I eat a good breakfast and a healthy lunch and totally skip dinner. I used to cook dinner every night for a family of 4 so I must admit that I enjoy not having to cook so much anymore.

  3. You are so right about the sharing part. We through out so much. We cook all the time and it's hard for just 2! Stew and homemade bread sound awesome!!

  4. I love my slow cooker..and i have done that with the canned tomatoes before..LOL. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I saw the neatest crock pot at Khol's today. It had three compartments so you can cook three dishes at once!

    I love my crock pot. I cooked a roast in mine this week! But we did not have any leftovers to share :(

  6. Hi, thanks for the follow! I have returned the follow. Totally <3 your blog btw!!

  7. Thanks for all of your comments! Ricki Jill, I may have to check out that triple crockpot next time I am near a Kohl's! Thx.
    Morrigan, come back for a visit anytime!
    Hugs to you all,

  8. Very interesting post Grace. I am trying out a lot of new recipes these days. I love pepper but mom is allergic to it. It makes her choke badly so I have to be very careful when cooking food that she will eat. Take care.


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