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Friday, October 14, 2011

London Bridge is Falling Down…Just Kidding – It Sailed to Arizona.

Are you old enough to remember singing London Bridge is Falling Down throughout your childhood? Then perhaps you, too, are wondering what on earth Robert McCulloch was thinking in 1967 when he placed a bid on this landmark!  Was anyone aware that millions of us were jumping rope or holding hands and all falling down to this tune?  Did London ask us if it was okay to move the bridge? Did Mr. McCulloch care that it meant so much to us – did he even know? 

In 1968 the bid was won by this Lake Havasu, Arizona, city founder. The bridge was taken apart, each piece numbered, and it was shipped and then trucked to Lake Havasu to be rebuilt as a tourist attraction. I don’t know about you, but this bothers me…that this magnificent structure that had been built in 1831 was now in the United States. It just doesn’t fit the Arizona décor, if you know what I mean. We are all about cactus and desert, not ancient granite. WWII scrapings that can still be seen on the stones don’t mean the same here that they meant when touched by someone in England. The current setting, on a boater’s playground does not help to preserve her dignity.

And….and…of all things…after carrying all those blocks of granite more than 5400 miles to get them here, they never even used them all when they rebuilt the span! Nope. According to the October 12, 2011 Sierra Vista Herald newspaper, the new bridge only has a casing of the original granite, and the other pieces left over are just laying in the city maintenance yard, of all things! Its insides are who-knows-what materials. Tsk…the poor thing.

If I was younger…ahh, I seem to say this often nowadays…I would start a protest movement. I’d call all former jump ropers and all grownup “all-fall-down” folks and ask them what they think of this “tourist attraction!"   Ha! I might want to go see it – IF it was in London. But, Arizona? Not so much.


  1. Oh wow...I have actually been on that bridge in London and had no clue of the history of it at the time. Thanks for sharing this information. Like you, I'm not inclined to go to Arizona to see something that culturally belongs in Europe. ~Hugs, Leah

  2. I've seen the one in Arizona and I thought it was the oddest thing that they brought it over to put it up there. So out of place. :)

  3. Love your blog - it's so fun :)
    Thanks for stopping by - hope you found something delicious!

    I'm a new follower!
    Kyra @

  4. My dad lives in Arizona, but we never made the trip to Lake Havasu. I had no idea they didn't fully rebuild. Interesting post.

  5. My Mom always said that these people thought that they were buying Tower Bridge. I wonder it that is true. Anything is possible. -k @FitOldDog

  6. Kevin, there definitely was some confusion. Depending on what source, it has been said that the buyer thought he was purchasing the Tower Bridge. Who knows for sure...

  7. I agree with you. It just doesn't belong in Arizona. And yes, I'm old enough to remember the song. Do kids even know that song anymore? I haven't hear it in a long time!
    Love your site!
    Nina Knox


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