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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Customer Service…Not So Much!

The other night after church HB (HoneyBunny) and I stopped at the just-opened family restaurant near our home for a quick meal.  Since it was the first day open, we expected a crowd, but at 8:30 pm it was not busy.  One of the sixty or so hostesses filling the entryway (only a slight exaggeration) quickly seated us in a booth by a window.  Instantly, if not sooner, we were greeted by Cindy Sue (name changed so as not to embarrass), our fresh-from-training server, who engaged us in a bit of small talk before taking our beverage order. 

We were just getting the menu opened when Cindy Sue popped in again to take our order.  We told her we’d like a few minutes, she said that was fine, and she waited, smiling all the while.  Such a sweet young lady, really.  We loved her-really.  After a few tries, she finally understood we needed more time to decide what we wanted.  She disappeared into the kitchen, only to reappear with our drinks in hand – and asking for our order.  We sent her away once more while we studied the menu.

A manager stopped by to see how we were doing and to answer my questions on reserving space for 25 or more Red Hat ladies for a Jammie breakfast next month.  He was very pleasant and chatty.  Then, a young lady cleaning the next booth stopped to tell us how busy it had been all day.  Again, friendly and treating us like old friends.

And, before we could look down at the menu again, yep, you guessed it – here came Cindy Sue.  We gave her our order and settled in to wait for our food and talk about the day.  Nuh-uh, there would be none of that this night.  In the name of good customer service (and several managers shooing the servers out of the kitchen) the ever-friendly Cindy Sue stopped by every two minutes to ask if we wanted refills on our drinks and how was everything and could she get us anything else?  It became so funny we couldn’t stop laughing even while she was standing there.  She had a good sense of humor, but no sense of when to leave us alone.  (We soon discovered we were her only table at the time.  How lucky for us!)

Once our meals arrived, we dared not let go of the plates or glasses, lest she whisk them off the table never more to be seen!  We ate quickly with a fork in one hand, glass in the other, elbows surrounding our plates, hoping to finish before she carted them off to the dishwasher.  She cleared our table one tiny item at a time…a straw wrapper, a used sugar packet - anything not in use was suspect and fair game for her.  To her credit, she did have a good sense of humor while she was over-servicing us.  Good thing we did, too!  In the end, we over-tipped her for her over-servicing and left feeling blessed by the entire episode.  We’ll be back and we’ll probably ask for Cindy Sue again!  Did you save room for dessert tonight?


  1. My dad used to joke that he was afraid to get out of bed at night to use the bathroom because he was sure my mom would have the bed made when he got back. Good post! We're enjoying following you on Twitter and reading your blog. Our best to you in AZ. pkc@todayinhh

  2. Hilarious.

    I was shopping with a girlfriend yesterday at our local Value Village. A staff member was rolling a tall hanging rack between my friend and another lady. She bumped both of them. Each of the women apologized for getting in her way. I was standing down the row a bit and the staff member scowled right at me and proceeded to roll her eyes as she kept on trucking towards me with her rack of clothes. Needless to say, I threw myself out of harms way. I laughed out loud as I was thinking: I am hoping she is having a VERY bad day, otherwise she is a person in great misery and is more to be pitied than laughed at.
    Sometimes it's not about us and the service we are receiving, it is about that other person and what we can give to them! A smile, tolerance..a prayer as they storm by us.
    Loved your post. It made me smile!

  3. As a former food server I loved your story! I'm sure with time and some experience under her belt Cindy Sue will be able to tweak her attentiveness level. I like your blog!

  4. Hi, Grace

    Love your story. Following you and came from blog hop.


  5. Love your story Grace, this week I'm following you everywhere.

    You were extremely patient 'cause I would have left I think. Can't stand that sort of service.

    Blog hopping from Katherine's Corner

  6. Love your story! Now following, come by for some dessert--getcha some Puddin n Pie.


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