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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Counting My Blessings...One Friend At-A-Time

Everyone should have a friend like my neighbor, whom I'll call Pansy in my writings, to open our eyes to the world of the handicapped – or maybe just to the world in general.  Pansy has MS.  Her legs are wheels (a motorized wheel chair).  Her view of the world, by necessity is different than mine.  She sees blockades where I see speed bumps.  She lives with dust balls on her ceiling fans until a friend can wipe them clean for her.  A dog toy or a spilled planter can trap her in her living room.  She has to schedule appointments around friends who will drive her.  She can’t reach the top shelves of closets or cupboards in the kitchen. 

More important, though are her observations that I miss completely most days…the view from her windows, or her patio.  She notices the seasonal changes, the wind moving the trees.  She photographs the birds and critters that venture into her yard.  She monitors daily changes in the moods or health of her greyhound pets.  I miss those sights most days because I don’t take the time.
Photos by "Pansy"

Pansy is a child of God, who daily studies the Bible and really, I mean really tries to understand every word.  And, she lives her life faithfully.  She inspires me, and without even knowing it, she pushes me to be a better Christian.  I love her for that.

Her attitude towards life is almost always upbeat and forward looking.  Yes, she gets disgusted with her situation, but no, she doesn’t whine and moan about it.  She goes about her daily routine, she interacts with friends, she volunteers for the MS help line, giving advice and answering questions other MS folks need.  She adopts rescued greyhounds - she has three right now.  She is a blessing to everyone whose life she touches, and she is blessed in return.

We laugh a lot, too.  Sometimes it is at something one of us says, sometimes it is at something we have done or are about to do.  We’ve laughed until tears rolled down our cheeks.  It’s good to have a friend to laugh with you, especially when your life isn’t particularly humorous at the time. 

If you don’t have a friend like Pansy, I highly recommend that you find one, and nurture that friendship, hold it close.  You will grow, your heart will grow, and your life will be enriched.  Friends like Pansy are special, to be cherished!


  1. You're so right about a good friend. I'm glad you have Pansy...and she has you. :-)

  2. You have a treasure invested in one another, that's a blessing.

  3. Sounds like Pansy is someone we would all like to know! :)

  4. Poetess, yes, I am thankful, thanks!

    New End, aha...treasure is the perfect word!

    Barbara, would love her if you knew her!

    Hugs, to all,
    Pat (GraceinAZ)


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