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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"You not Old"

This was written by a Guest Blogger...please visit her blog, too, and say "Hello!" 

One Christmas about four years ago, our oldest son and his wife were talking about having a baby. All three sets of parents (his two blended sets and her one) were a little leery. They were a young couple just starting out in life and we tried to convince them to wait as long as possible. Well, a few short months later they made their announcement that they were pregnant.

While I wasn't surprised, because they'd been talking about it for awhile, the sudden realization that I would be a "grand" mother scared the beheejies out of me! For years I'd been talking about how wonderful it would be to be "old" someday and say and do whatever I wanted with no recourse. Well, old was NOT 40-something in my mind, it was 80-something, but didn't becoming a "grand" mother mean I was old? BigRigPig went through his own "grand" realizations and both of us finally got to a point where we were excited.

I didn't have any living grandparents as a child, so I didn't know what their purpose was. But here are a few things I've learned about what being a grandmother is all about!

  • Smell the flowers. Young parents are too busy trying to make ends meet and other such responsibilities that they forget sometimes that you have to stop and smell the roses. Chica and I always walk around and find the flowers wherever we are. We don't just smell them, either, sometimes we pick them.

  • It's okay to push the boundaries. Sometimes what can't be done at home with mom and dad is okay with PaPa and Abuella!

  • Eat dessert first. All things are good in moderation, so it doesn't matter which order it comes in.

  • You're never too old or too young. Those stairs just seem to go on forever? If a 2 year old can go up them over and over again, you probably still can't! But when you tell her, "Abuella can't go up anymore, Chica, I'm too old." She'll hold out her hand and say, "You not old... here, I help you."


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