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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who Runs the Runways?

Here’s a scary thought!  (Okay, I’m being a bit sarcastic here.)  This season the clothing designers are going to market to the baby boomers and not so much to the skinny youth.  They are even showing evening wear with sleeves – can you imagine?  For goodness sakes, the women in my crowd tossed their tank tops and sleeveless shirts years ago and for very good reason!  We have too much skin!  It sags and wags, wrinkles and crinkles, and even occasionally waves. 

And, skinny jeans?  Oh, my…even my stretch pants have blowouts occasionally!  Really!  This was needed years ago.  What were they thinking?  That the youth had the money to spend?  Ha!  I bet they were spending their birthday money from Grandma.  Those clueless designers should have known!  If they began catering to the younger gals in the sixties, they should have followed us into boomer stage! 

@BoomerGparent Mimi on Twitter, posted this and it caught my eye:  “Boomers to trump youth in fashion influence”  Thanks, Mimi for giving me a topic for my next post!  This can’t happen too soon to suit me.  I am tired of looking for slacks that actually have a waist.  I only looked good in hip huggers when I was in my teens.  That was more years ago that I have fingers and toes and will never return, so let’s move on.  Give me some comfortable clothing that doesn’t cling to my lumps and isn’t cut down to my kneecaps, please.  I like to consider myself a respectable lady, not a Las Vegas showgirl…thank you very much.  I need coverage, not cleavage.

When I read this Sunday’s newspaper and turn to the fashion page I will be expecting to see a mature, full-figured model strolling down the runway with her walker, wearing a high-collared, long-sleeved, maxi-dress (purple, of course) with my name on it!  YES!  That would be just the thing!


  1. Oh my gosh Grace...this is a riot! (and soooo true! Thank you for joining my sure isn't as funny as yours! I love this.

    xoxo Gert

  2. You know kiddo I learned to embrace and celebrate my wings. They save me a fortune on air fare now. Of course I always have to start off a really high cliff; but if I get the right breeze I can glide for days.

  3. That is so funny, BB! Love it!
    Grace InAZ


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