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Thursday, September 15, 2011

“It’s Around Here Somewhere!”

In our home this is an everyday phrase.  A more than a few times a day phrase.  Sometimes it is said with a smile, often with a sigh and usually by me when HB (HoneyBunny) can’t find something.  Take his glasses for instance.  No, I don’t really mean take them – he’s already wondering if I took them – or hid them – or sold them.  I mean for example.  

HB has at least six pairs of glasses, some of which he prefers over others.  He can rarely find any of them.  They hide out in those mysterious spaces only glasses know about.  More times than not, they finally make themselves visible again so he can read his magazine or drive his truck.  “I found them,” he’ll tell me.  “Where were they?” I’ll answer.  “On my nightstand under a book,” he’ll respond…or…”In the door pocket of the car”…or…”In the bathroom.”  Name a place and his glasses have most likely found their way there!
One time his truck keys disappeared for weeks.  We were ready to see about getting new keys made when LuLu came to clean house.  While vacuuming she tipped over (on purpose) HB's favorite chair and when she set it up right again, the keys fell out.   A miracle, I tell you!  It's just amazing that they could have stayed hidden all that time.
Then, there is the cell phone vanishing act.  It is almost a weekly event.  One we can count on.  “Honey, will you please call me so I can find my phone?” he’ll holler.   We may find it in that same overstuffed chair, down in the little space between the arm and the cushion, or in one of the vehicles, or under the bed (I haven’t a clue about that one), or much, much later find it by accident because it was turned off the whole time and we couldn’t hear it.  Sigh…
Now, I don’t want you to get the idea that HB is the only one who loses things around here, but since I am writing this and I rarely see the humor when it is me looking for things, I am going to skip that part for now.  You understand, don’t you?
It’s a documented fact (by me) that I am married to a PackRat.  Everything is kept, just in case it might be needed for who-knows-what & who-knows-when.  Just in case.  But there isn’t a place for everything.  Instead, we have some chaos going on here.  Some rooms resemble the hoarding shows on TV (not really that bad, but it sounds more dramatic).  You see, HB loves books, is addicted to books, isperhaps even a book hoarder.  He owns hundreds of books.  He even reads a few of them.  But, in the last few years, focusing on a book for any length of time has gotten harder due to his sleep disorders.  Still, the books keep finding their way into his cart at the Thrift Shops and later into our house.  They soon become orphans destined to sit on the floor until they are in the way, and then relagated to a box and sent to storage.  Poor things.   Call me a detective, but I am guessing this just might be the answer to the mystery of the lost items. 
I am thinking that we are probably not the only ones who go through this losing stuff/finding stuff scenario daily. As we age, our brains lose some of that important gray matter needed to recall where we placed our treasures and necessities. It is part of getting old – perish the thought!  I am thinking that we should find a way to count these times as blessings instead of being frustrated and muttering to ourselves. Yes. I believe I’ll work on that. Yes.  While I am down on my hands and knees searching, I will use that time to say a few words of thanks and praise for being in such a situation. And, I will feel better.


  1. Good morning my dear...loved this sounded so almost could have been our house you were writing about..."big smile" there are times when I wish every article we own could be dialed up like the cell phone!

    We too have turned DH's chair upside down & found many a thing! And for me...I have a basket on my walker & when all else fails that is where we find it!

    xoxo Gert

  2. Yes indeed...lost my key, my glasses, my kindle, my mind...but I still love every day. I swear I keep my house cleaner and certainly neater because every day is a quest to find that piece of paper with the link to a great artist or friend.

    As for the keys, I have never found that other set. When I am in Arizona I think they are in Oregon. When I am in Oregon I am absolutely confident they are in the night stand in Arizona. For all I know they may be in the middle of the road in Nevada. Sigh!

    Be well...and thank you for including me in your twitter followers list. Come at see me at Retire In Style Blog (

  3. Thanks, Ladies! I laughed my way thru your comments. I do love your blogs and have them on my to-read list! Thank you for blogging!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  4. Thanks for telling me about your blog site. You are a good writer and capture the art of getting older very well. I have become a follower. I also follow and blog for Mother Earth News Magazine, two German Shepherd blog sites as well as our own. I like your blogs and will attempt to check them out when time permits. Living as we do, survival and coping consumes much of our time. Like this morning it is cool enough that we first had to get the wood stove going since it was not going to get warmer unless we did. I like your writing and will drop in from time to time. Good job..


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