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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I can hear you now!

It may have been my recent hearing test that started this idea of writing a blog swirling around in my head.  It has been dancing around my gray matter (the stuff inside my noggin, not the hair on top of it) for weeks now.  It had been ten years since my last visit to the audiologist and my chart was startling in its decline!  I don’t understand…it seemed like just a moment ago that I had my first hearing aids and all was fine.  When they constantly quit working, I gave up wearing them  and opted for mumbling “What did you say?” time after time in meetings and conversations.  It took way too long to realize that I needed to make an appointment.  I wasn’t in denial, but I was afraid of the cost of new devices!

It has always been my best guess that my ears were damaged by loud noises – shotguns for one.  When I was young, I went trap shooting with my Dad, Brother and friends.  Actually, I was not a bad shot for a girl.  Just sayin’.  Back then, we didn’t wear ear protection.  Silly us.  Add to that, the rock and roll music we blared out of our radios and record players constantly and poof – there goes the hearing!  Been there?  Yes, too many of us have and today’s generation is no better.  The hearing industry is in no danger of needing a stimulus payout any time soon!

Now, with new aids that even have a Bluetooth (imagine that!) device, I am able to hear much, much better.  If only my husband would wear his, maybe we could stop this bickering about what so-and-so said.  I know, I know…this goes on in virtually every senior household, and we all laugh when it is someone else.  Well, it isn’t so humorous when it’s me.  Sniff, sniff…who knows who is snickering behind my back!

Hearing better doesn’t make me feel younger, but it does make my life more pleasant.  I am also working on other areas of improvement that will show up in future posts.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear your comments on hearing loss and how it has affected you. 


  1. Thank you, Grace. You have helped me realize that I've taken hearing for granted. Love and peace.


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