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Friday, September 16, 2011

How’s That Fit ‘n’ Trim Working Out For You?

Here’s a confession…when I married HB (HoneyBunny) sixteen years ago, I quit going to the gym. There is no excuse, just the facts. And, today, I am the picture of fluffiness as a result. I’m sorry, but as nice as it is to hear, telling me that I still look as beautiful as ever just doesn’t boost my self-image. I see lumps and bumps and too much of me in the mirror (when I am brave enough to even look!). And, while I am not overly over plump, there is more of me than there needs to be for good health!

(Thanks for the bumper sticker, CafePress)

With my weight weighing on my mind, I signed us both up at one of the local gyms. The one that has the senior demographic, by the way. This works out fine (pun intended) since it means we rarely have to watch some muscle-bound hunk strutting around from weight bench to weight bar and back again. Instead, we see bent and slow elder folk shuffling from the treadmill to the leg press and on to the rowing machine. It does mean, however, that we must wait longer to use a machine – long enough for Old Ed to get his breath and to saunter on to the next exercise. That’s fine with us, though, as we are still trying to get enough oxygen in our own systems to make a move!

Our trainer gave us three sessions to get us on the right track to firm up and tone up.  HB prefers to go off on his own and in his words, “do the fun ones.” Personally, I haven’t found those “fun ones” yet, but I have found machines that seem to be adding some firmness in my arms and legs, and the ab cruncher is definitely making a difference. It is hard not to want to do more sets than we should, just to try to hurry the process along. After all, sixteen years of no exercise other than housework and yard work has taken quite a toll. But, slow and steady are the watchwords – necessary so neither of us ends up in traction somewhere! This will take forever, but we are determined to stick with it three times-a-week for as long as it takes or forever, whichever comes first.

As we age, it becomes all the more difficult to make that pesky tummy roll disappear and to drop a few unwanted pounds. Not to mention that my Wii is constantly nagging me about my BMI (body mass index), which is a tad higher that it should be for my age, height and weight. And, don’t even ask me about that other Wii exercise thingy that came with a webcam so I can watch myself sweat! Whose bright idea was that?

Starting off our hour-long workout with 20 minutes on the stationary bike is almost more than a body can bear. You will find us plugged into our iPods listening to some lively music or a teaching from our favorite pastor as we pedal our way to fitness. Then it is on to the upper body machines, the leg machines, the ab cruncher (just the name makes me wince!), and more. Then we drag ourselves back to the bike for another 20 minutes of torture…err, um…exercise. By the time we are finished, we are finished! I’m pretty sure we feel better somewhere deep inside, but it’s the outside that aches and groans as we head for the car. Why couldn’t I have parked a little closer to the door? Next time, for sure…


  1. As they say, "no pain, no gain," though I wish we could feel... less of the pain. Makes me realize how lazy I am. Time to get back to work.

  2. Hats off to you both. I just can't seem to drag myself to disciplined exercise. I love to walk and hike though.

  3. Cute post! I admire you for sticking with your exercising. I don't like it much either, but I do love being healthy! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's nice to "meet" you. Best wishes!

  4. Hey good for you guys! This is so important to do ( if you can) ! We started to do some exercises with a group..We loved the group but it caused me a problem with my MS...but I keep hoping to go back one day! But as I said..keep up the good work!!

    Blessings & love your blog,
    xoxo Gert

  5. Thank you all for the encouragement! We need it! Gert, you are such a Sweetie!

  6. Good for you two not only signing up for the gym, but actually going! :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following me - I'm following you now, too! :)

    Aloha: Motivational Friends

  7. Oooooo, Grace, you got a facelift! Dahling, you look MAHVELOUS!

  8. Oh, how I wish I could get to the gym three times a week, I think what you are doing is great! Good luck!!

  9. All I can say is keep up the good work. Fantastic effort. Hopping from Katherine's Corner. TFS already following and on twitter.

  10. GOOD FOR YOU! Keep it up. My husband & I have now retired & we try to walk 2 miles at least 3 times a week. I walk faster than he does, but at least he is trying. I get my motivation from him & he from me. I just wish we could get to a gym too. Thanks for the cute post. I hope you will keep us updated on your progress.


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