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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dive Bombers at 2 o’clock!

Why do those pesky little mosquitoes hover over my computer desk?  Well, that’s not hard to figure out!  They are pretty certain that a fluffy ol’ woman will soon be plopping her pudginess down on the chair and will become an easy, tasty target!  Within minutes of settling myself at my desk I feel that all-too-familiar sting and up pops a welt that itches like crazy!

I am the only person I know who sprays insect repellent on before going indoors, for goodness sake.  I practically bathe in it.  And, still they come, zeroing in on ears, cheeks, hands, elbows & ankles.    What do they see in my elbows, I ask myself.  Or my ears?  Is there enough blood in an earlobe to quench a skeeter’s thirst?  And, elbows are one of the most uninteresting parts of the body to humans, so why is it that critters find them delicacies?  Ankles, now, might be another story altogether.  I used to have nice ankles.  I am pretty sure they are still nice, but I haven’t seen them in some time. 

Being attacked by a swarm of butterflies would be more to my liking.  I can imagine them sitting gently on my shoulder or my hair, fluttering wings and waiting for a gentle breeze to carry then off to places unknown.  Or perhaps a herd of dragonflies, flitting around my arms, looking for whatever it is that dragonflies are in search of.  Even a flock of ladybugs, if you please, would be more to my taste.  It’s just those nasty, bothersome mosquitoes that make me crazy!

Fall weather cannot come too soon to suit me.  I want that first freeze to rid me these tiny dive bombers.  Take them away, never to return.  If I lived in a world without flying little blood munchers I would be more than content.   “Buzz off!” I say! 


  1. You must be sweet. Not very often they like me!

  2. LOL! And, here I thought I was the only one being feasted upon by the little darlings! I do like your preventative approach better than my after-the-fact therapy--I have a container on my desk filled with pens, pencils...and a tube of AfterBite--The Itch Eraser! Let me know if you ever want to borrow it!

  3. I wonder how many scented products you use to call in these pests. Or is it just that unusual blood type that puts out the signal.

  4. Now don't take offense, Gals, but it must be my lil' ol' sweet self, cause I don't wear scented stuff while working on my computer. LOL! The only "scented" stuff close by is the RAID! TeeHee!


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